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"Ten years ago, buying a better faucet was the money for a bowl of hot and dry noodles. Now, the money for a bowl of hot and dry noodles can only buy a plastic faucet with the worst quality", some netizens commented on the changes in decoration costs

ten years ago, Mr. Li bought a duplex building with an area of 120 square meters in Wuchang District. At that time, there were not many decoration companies and there were not so many choices. There were few brands of decoration building materials and the price gap was not large, so he finally found a designer and decoration team. Everything was used as a abortive product in the market, and it cost only 60000 or 70000 before and after

now ten years have passed, the walls are not painted like they are, and the floor is broken in many places. It makes a squeak when stepping on it. The whole family, together, has put out a decoration budget of 150000 for renovation. In order to ensure the decoration quality, Mr. Li specially selected a well-known decoration company in Wuhan, but he was surprised to get the quotation, which cost more than 300000 yuan

cost saving strategy for decoration, some expenses cannot be saved

(1) choose inferior products. Everyone knows that building materials should be environmentally friendly, but if you go for all kinds of "cheap", you will inevitably get caught. You should choose regular channels and regular dealers to buy materials

(2) guerrillas cannot be found. I don't want to make do with the materials. Can I wipe out the design fee and management fee? In terms of price, the price of guerrillas is indeed much lower, but this obviously has a price. In addition to the legal hidden danger of workers' personal safety, unstable employment and rising budgets every day are also a very annoying thing. Moreover, according to the regulations of Wuhan, the decoration project has a two-year decoration project warranty period and a five-year concealed project warranty period. Finding guerrillas to decorate is tantamount to giving up this right automatically

(3) cannot live in the old era. With the continuous progress of society, new comfort products are emerging in endlessly. Take the water purifier as an example. It requires proper space and power supply under the basin, as well as pipeline coordination. If no corresponding planning is made during the decoration, it cannot be installed in the later stage. Decoration is to make life more comfortable. Even if there are no conditions for the time being, it's best to think about it in advance, save the location, and then install it when conditions permit

(4) site safety should not be neglected. As mentioned above, some "templates" can be exempted, but the safety of the construction site must not be saved, such as the safe use of electricity, the protective measures of electric tools, the safe stacking of materials, etc., which is different from the "templates" specially made for the owner to see. For companies that are careless in safety construction, the construction technology should also be seriously marked with a big question mark. It's better to stay away from such a "company"

from this point of view, it is an inevitable trend for decoration costs to rise year by year. What owners need to do is to find their own balance point in the Limited decoration budget and choose the best decoration company and decoration building materials at the most appropriate price. In addition, when choosing decoration companies and purchasing decoration building materials, we should compare goods with three companies, and screen from the quality and price, so as to decorate and sell the home we are satisfied with





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