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When flowers bloom in spring, home decoration has entered the peak season, and the home market is also lively. Every year, there will be new trends in style, material, color and other aspects of home furnishings. So what are the new features of this year? Advocating the perfect integration with nature. At the 2007 Nanjing brand home decoration Expo, some home decoration enterprises launched design schemes of different grades and styles for newly delivered buildings in Nanjing, which were welcomed by customers.    "The simpler the decoration is, the better it will be in the future...

when spring blooms, home decoration has entered the peak season, and the home market is also bustling. Every year, new trends will appear in the style, material, color and other aspects of home furnishing, so what are the new characteristics of this year? Advocating the perfect integration of nature and nature. At the 2007 Nanjing brand home furnishing Expo, some home furnishing enterprises launched different grades and styles for the newly delivered buildings in Nanjing Various design schemes are welcomed by customers. "The simpler the decoration, the better. It's easy to resell in the future." Xiao Guo, who is about to graduate with a master's degree this year, said quickly. At the end of last year, Xiao Guo and her boyfriend bought a 100 square meter pre-sale house near Dingfuzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing. When imagining how to decorate the new house, Xiao Guo stressed, "we like simple decoration, but simplicity is not simple. We will choose some environmentally friendly and natural materials to decorate the house." Ms. Wang, 26, is a follower of fashion trends. She recently bought a 150 square meter new house in Jiangning District, Nanjing. Ms. Wang excitedly told reporters: "my home should give people a sense of liveliness, liveliness and vitality. At the same time, I will pay great attention to the use of environmentally friendly, light, portable and combined wooden furniture." After visiting some large building materials markets and professional designers in Beijing, the reporter found that the trend of home decoration simplicity, which has been popular for several years, will be more prominent in the choice of decoration materials this year, and the original ecological home decoration materials will be particularly favored. For example, some consumers will choose logs to replace the popular plywood and large core board to make furniture. Although the former is slightly higher in price than the latter, it is closer to nature and more environmentally friendly; For another example, in the choice of wall tiles and floor tiles, some creative home designs will choose original fire bricks or even natural stones to make walls or floors. Such natural materials make the room skillfully integrate with nature; Wallpaper also emphasizes texture in material. Industrial wallpapers, which were used more in the past, have gradually become indifferent. Straw wallpapers and mica Wallpapers imported from Japan have become new favorites in wallpapers, and some high-end consumers will even customize handmade wallpapers. "When people no longer like bright and transparent walls, but prefer wallpaper decorators close to nature in style and material, it reflects people's psychology and needs to return to nature." Wang Jiabin, design director and chief designer of Yezhifeng Decoration Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, told reporters. "Simplicity has a very high share in today's home decoration market, but simplicity does not mean simplicity, and simplicity does not save money. Simplicity refers to the supremacy of function, advocating 'less is more', and paying attention to outstanding materials and noble quality." Wang Jiabin understands simplicity in this way. He said that qualified families can set up waterscape at home to perfectly show the pastoral atmosphere. Xiao Yang, 25, who works in the media industry in Shanghai, imagines that he can walk on the glass ground with various ornamental fish in his future home and have zero distance contact with nature; Ms. Wang in Nanjing is going to pave the ground of her balcony with pebbles, open a pool in the corner of the balcony, and then casually pile a small rockery, as if she were in a Xanadu. There are many misunderstandings in the decoration of new homes. "Having a perfect home is the wish of every buyer, and people who get the key to the new home are often over excited. Before decoration, they are impulsive to conceive various decoration schemes for the new home even from the beginning of paying the down payment of the new home, so it is easy to enter into various misunderstandings in the decoration of new homes." Wang Jiabin put forward four suggestions to those consumers who are preparing to decorate: first, many consumers like to refer to the design styles or decorative elements of relatives, friends, books and magazines before decorating their new houses. In this way, it is easy to decorate your home like a messy exhibition hall without considering your own characteristics, which is not necessarily suitable for your personal living habits and psychological needs. Secondly, most consumers will pay more attention to the decoration of a part or a single point of the new home, and lose their grasp of the overall layout, while professional interior designers can consider the design and decoration of the new house as a whole and better integrate the space. Thirdly, some consumers believe that the decoration of new houses does not need professional interior designers. Even if designers are hired, they do not need to pay extra design fees. This misunderstanding may be related to people's feeling that the industry threshold of designers is low. The real professional interior designer is fully aware of this industry and the cost performance of decoration materials. They will be responsible for their clients in order to maintain and develop their good reputation and professional reputation. They will take the initiative to understand the occupation, age, nationality, place of birth, hobbies, color tendency, family members, whether to keep pets and so on, so as to provide customers with the best decoration design. In addition, many consumers will think that the aesthetics of new houses is the most important. Wang Jiabin told reporters that the functionality of the house is the first, the second is the economy of decoration, and the last is aesthetics. "House decoration is a bottomless pit. Spending more money may not be able to decorate a good house." It seems that it is very important to hire professional interior designers for house decoration. However, at present, the qualifications of domestic interior designers are indeed uneven, among which there is no lack of fishy eyed people. Therefore, when choosing, the majority of consumers should also polish their eyes and try to choose designers with professional backgrounds and professional titles, so as to make the painstaking decoration process easy and intimate

diy old houses for a new look for houses that have been living for many years, people may be tired of the lack of innovative design style and overall color. If simple decoration is carried out through clever color changes, they may experience different moods with the changes of seasons. "There is no need to change furniture or 'build a large-scale project'. As long as different home furnishing fabrics are used for decoration, the home can show a bright and different look. Decorative fabrics are widely used, such as curtains, door curtains, carpets, table towels, sofa mats, meal mats, etc. Different home furnishing fabric matching can create an infinite space style." Wang Jiabin said so. Xiao Chen's home in Pudong New Area of Shanghai has a simple style, and the colors are mainly white and blue. After living for three years, at this time of communication in spring and summer, Xiao Chen replaced the bedroom curtains with fresh fabrics with natural flowers and plants on the earth, and matched them with furniture made of logs or leather. The room immediately showed the sweet style of rural countryside in spring and summer. "I didn't expect such a simple change to give the cabin a summer flavor." Professionals told reporters: this year's popular golden, silver, blue and white colors are the mainstream of decorative materials, and this year's color winner will be the green series. In terms of color matching, the matching method of the same color system and the closer color system will replace the strong matching method of contrast colors, but brightness will be the main performance of matching. Patterns based on natural flowers, vegetables and fruits still lead the fashion forward, while abstract patterns have slightly lost; In addition, the expression of patterns will be based on natural freehand brushwork, and specific real patterns are no longer popular. In addition, according to the spatial characteristics of the house, laying new wallpaper or painting new colors on a certain part can also have a surprising effect. For example, paint the wall with light gray paint, paint the door with dark gray paint, and then paint the door frame and decorative lines with light beige; It is most suitable to match with white and beige series furniture with British rural style. For another example, matching the smoke pink wall with black, dark brown or grayish green furniture and accessories can best reflect the mature and elegant home charm. Of course, putting a few pots of green plants in the corner of the room and balcony can also add a lot of light to the old house




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