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Rheinland egger has reached a cooperation with China Central Television, and Rheinland egger has joined hands with the most authoritative and influential central media in China to further promote the brand

Rheinland egger has reached a cooperation with China Central Television, and Rheinland egger has joined hands with the most authoritative and influential central media in China to further promote the brand. The brand advertisement of Rheinland egger will be launched on CCTV's five major channels - CCTV1, CCTV2, CCTV7, cctv10 and cctv15. The five major channels are simulcast and are expected to be officially launched at the end of March

Rheinland egger is the chairman unit of "China overall home furnishing alliance", the top 500 developing enterprises of "China Pan home furnishing", the vice chairman unit of the "customization 100" leading plan of the national large home furnishing service system, the top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe, the top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe, and the most respected brands of dealers. Rheinland egger is a large customized home furnishing enterprise integrating design, production, R & D and sales. In more than five years, Rheinland egger has established cooperative relations with major media platforms such as Asia Pacific home furnishing, China wardrobe network, Huiya information, and Jiuzheng building materials network, and has won dozens of awards. The brand development has gradually expanded from the southwest to the whole country, The cooperation with CCTV marks that Rheinland egger has moved from a strong regional brand to a national brand

Rheinland egger has always been adhering to a serious and responsible attitude towards customers and products, treating people in good faith and doing things in good faith. Whether in production, sales or service, Rheinland egger has always been sincere, true, serious and genuine. Its good reputation and public praise have won the trust and respect of customers

in the current state of great market development, more and more people like one-stop shopping, but the finished furniture is often difficult to meet the needs of consumers. In this case, the customized furniture industry is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more consumers begin to pay attention to and choose customized furniture. The customized industry shows unparalleled competitiveness, and Rheinland egger is the pioneer of the customized industry

while meeting the customization needs of consumers, Rheinland egger is considering the health of consumers. As the leader of zero formaldehyde room, Rheinland egger insists on selecting high-quality materials and processes to ensure product quality and strive to bring the best experience to every consumer. Rheinland egger strongly advocates zero formaldehyde living space, adhering to three core concepts: the richest product system, the widest price coverage, the highest environmental protection attribute of products, and carrying out environmental protection and green to the end

Rheinland egger has the most advanced German Haomai CNC production line. While ensuring product quality, it is the first enterprise in the industry to realize 24-hour supplement, and realize seamless connection from order to production. In addition, Rheinland egger has a unified national image store design and unified store signboard design, so as to achieve an effective and unified brand image advantage

Rheinland egger pioneered the "promotion landing" assistance strategy to help dealers do opening activities, cooperate with the realization of the annual holiday terminal promotion activities, and vigorously help dealers achieve sales promotion. Reach strategic cooperation with well-known software companies to provide personalized and humanized design services for consumers

Rheinland egger is the first enterprise in the industry to launch the product warranty and maintenance manual, and opened the 400 service hotline earlier, realizing a complete 24-hour service system from consultation to after-sales. After years of exploration, Rheinland egger has created a "zero formaldehyde" sales model that meets the current consumer needs, with an on-site signing rate of 89% and a chargeback rate of no more than 10%

there are more than 100 Rheinland egger franchised stores nationwide, and distributor network channels have been established nationwide. Rheinland egger has defined the strategic goals of 300 stores in three years, 1 billion in five years, and 10 billion in ten years. After five years of supporting improvement, personnel reserve training, improvement and implementation of technical standards, establishment of after-sales service and support system, and years of precipitation in the customization industry, the "Rheinland egger" brand has brought a new wealth business opportunity, a new industry concept, and a new cooperation mode to the vast number of dealer friends. We sincerely invite friends who are interested in or are engaged in the customization industry to join our team to create a better tomorrow




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