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aluminum alloy doors and windows is an industry with a long service chain. There is a complex production process behind each product. Now, due to the rising price of raw materials and the environmental storm, many small and medium-sized enterprises of aluminum alloy doors and windows are facing crises. Therefore, the market competition is more intense. In this embarrassing situation. This year, in order to occupy the competitive advantage in the market, bailima doors and windows believes that it still needs to start from the following three points:

first, personalized customization

as soon as personalized customization rose, it quickly occupied the aluminum doors and windows market. The aluminum doors and windows manufacturers who followed suit also seized the opportunity, and aluminum doors and windows customization, as a hot spot in recent years, is a development trend that aluminum doors and windows manufacturers cannot despise. With the market reshuffle, if the aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers cannot change their business philosophy in time, they may be eliminated by the market. Aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers who know the current situation should change from price war to personalized customization, expand product development routes, and provide consumers with better and more professional services, so as to survive better in the market

II. Meet environmental protection standards

with the continuous improvement of attention to indoor air quality in the home market, aluminum alloy door and window products have also begun to "environmental protection". In fact, environmental protection has long been popular. Now more and more people advocate environmental protection decoration, and have higher requirements for the quality of indoor air. While carrying out environmental protection decoration, we should not only consider beauty, but also pay attention to health. Although the price is not cheap, it has attracted many healthy consumers to buy

third, brand building

no matter which industry, brand strategy is a necessary means for enterprises to become bigger and stronger at present. However, it is not easy to build a brand. To plan brand strategy and brand strategy in advance, you need not only to run with your feet, but also to carefully observe the different consumption characteristics of consumers and carefully find out the true essence of research. In this way, there will be more guarantees for the next things, so in the process of doing it, we need to really understand these aspects, find the right method, and complete some planned things, so that we can bring more opportunities in the future, which will be very good for the whole process. Before the brand strategy is finalized, we must find out the defects in the tactical implementation, focus on the strategic adjustment, and then start to implement, so that things can be really done right, which saves time and effort, and can also take the lead

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