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When walking on the street, I found that a young girl was strolling leisurely with her right hand against a man wearing underwear, and the man was wearing a suit on his upper body, shorts on his lower body and slippers, looking like a fool. It is estimated that this pair of men and women will soon attract the surprised eyes of everyone around them. In fact, "no cool, no life" is the style pursued by the young post-80s and post-90s. Of course, when they decorate their houses, is it not like this? Recently, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network found that many young owners in Wuhan are pursuing personalized decoration, and the strange decorations at home are eye opening

first, pursue personalized decoration, and "play cool" in the end

Mr. Li, who just graduated from school, is a post-90s generation, and often sends "cool" photos of home decoration on wechat. Recently, I had the honor to visit his home. The decoration inside makes people angry and tongue tied. The living room is decorated like a pirate ship. The narrow and low space is almost the same as that in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". The ancient furniture style, mottled walls, pirate flags, pirate knives... It is said that Mr. Li spent three months on Taobao to buy these decoration items. "Look at that cannon, isn't it cool? It cost me a lot of money to buy it." Mr. Li pointed to the "fort" on the balcony. A big gun rack was on the wooden gun rack, painted with a layer of bronze paint. It looked very lifelike from a distance

in addition to the weird shapes, the bathroom in Mr. Li's home is also very different. When I opened the door of the bathroom, I saw a bloody dinosaur rushing towards you. It turned out that it was just a toilet with a strange shape, but it looked very scary. Mr. Li told the author that these shapes were all created by him, and he asked the designer to design the effects. "All my friends around me praise my bathroom for being creative. It's really cool." Speaking of the decoration of his home, Mr. Li is very proud, "this decoration style is absolutely unique in Wuhan."

second, the style is diversified, "mix and match" is still popular

in fact, it is not uncommon in Wuhan to pursue alternative home decoration like Mr. Li. Of course, this exaggerated decoration method is still difficult to become the mainstream. At present, as the style of home decoration tends to be more and more diversified, the combination of primitive and high-tech, gorgeous and simple, national and modern, and various styles is still the more popular home style in 2014. Recommended reading: the most personalized home basks in the mix and match style of two bedrooms and two living rooms in coastal Sela city.

"mix and match" is a means to realize personalized decoration. For decoration, "mix and match" is not icing on the cake, but a basic requirement. As a design method, "mix and match" matches a harmonious and unified personality style through the combination of different elements. It has no specific style, only popular elements. At present, the more popular is the mix and match of Chinese style and European style. These two styles are simple and luxurious, and there are more intersections when they are matched. Easy to integrate. Then there is the combination of simple style and Japanese and Korean style. The decoration of Japanese and Korean style is relatively simple, which is similar to the simple style, making the home look more fashionable and beautiful. Of course, the opposite style can also be integrated, which needs to test the level of designers

times are changing, and people's ideas are quietly changing. Which traditional and single decoration style has been increasingly excluded by the post-80s and 90s. The style of modeling design is full of fun, with novel materials and changeable functions, which is strongly pursued by young people. The goal of some people in choosing products is more and more inclined to the uniqueness of products and its novel functions. More humanized design and functions have become the ultimate demand in people's hearts





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