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Dyeing of carbon free copy paper

carbon free copy paper is a kind of pressure-sensitive recording paper, which has the function of direct printing and copying and color rendering. It is a continuous account or general business account commonly used in office automation and industrial information. F. special industry uses more paper with experimental fixtures. In order to distinguish the order of each stack of bills, a large amount of colored paper is required for bill printing. Therefore, colored paper processing is the development trend of carbon free copy paper production. There are generally two methods for dyeing carbon free carbon paper, i.e. intra pulp dyeing and surface dyeing. Our factory uses the latter method to produce carbon free carbon paper with different colors such as light red, light yellow, light blue and light green. After surface dyeing, the paper is excellent, colorful, smooth and smooth, and easy to print

1 selection of dyes

we selected the domestic printing pigment paste as the dye. This paste is made of a variety of colored pigments, dispersants and additives, which are dispersed and ground together with water. Most of its particle size is less than 2 m, and there is no active ion. It is not only well compatible with carbon free carbon paper paint, but also bright in color, acid and alkali resistance, without adding any color fixing agent, and good color fastness

2 addition amount of dye

according to different color requirements, it is generally 0.5% 2.0% of the solid content of the coating. You can also use more than two kinds of paint pastes to mix the required colors

3 preparation of dye solution

according to the process ratio, weigh and pour into the batching barrel, dilute it with warm water to the required concentration, stir it evenly, pour it into the dispersing machine containing color developing agent and capsule, mix the paint and color paste evenly, pump it to the high-frequency screen for filtration and put it into the reserve barrel for standby. Uneven paint will cause spots on dyed paper

4 dyeing method

our factory adopts the method of coating single-sided and double-sided dyeing on the base paper, and the dyeing effect is good

the dyeing process is as follows: CB coating solution + color paste solution dilution + color paste roll calendering dryer back coated with dry base paper CF coating solution color paste + color paste solution dilution

5 precautions

5.1 color paste must be stored in a dry, cool place that is not exposed to sunlight and marked with obvious marks. Do not mix them. After taking color paste, the barrel shall be covered to prevent color paste from changing

5.2 because the paper filler will absorb dyes, the amount of color pulp should be increased or decreased appropriately according to the filler content of the base paper

5.3 the solid content and quality of color pastes are different due to different manufacturers. Therefore, it is better to use the same batch of color paste from the same manufacturer before the production of a batch of paper

5.4 during seasoning, the sequence of adding various chemical raw materials and color pastes shall not be arbitrarily reversed, and it shall be handled in strict accordance with the process requirements, otherwise it is easy to cause flocculation of the coating and color spots on the paper

start the pilot project of recycling. 5.5 the demand for adhesive of the paint added with color paste is slightly higher than that of white paint

5.6 if one color paste cannot be used, two color pastes can be used for color matching. However, in order not to dim the color, the best one to share with you this time is that the operating process of the tensile testing machine and the color paste classified by the sensor shall not exceed 10% of the amount of the other color paste

5.7 when changing colors, be sure to wash the charging cylinder, storage tank, conveying pipe, coating spoke, etc. to avoid mixing colors. For the dyeing of carbon free carbon paper, it is very important to make most of the dyes used on the paper surface. The above measures can solve this problem and achieve good dyeing effect

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