Dushanzi Petrochemical produced 1.09 million tons

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Dushanzi Petrochemical produced 1.09 million tons of ethylene last year. In 2015, Dushanzi stone processed 7million tons of crude oil and produced 1.09 million tons of ethylene according to the different uses of pressure testing machines. It achieved a sales revenue of 35billion yuan and paid 9.2 billion yuan in taxes. The overall profit reached a new high in recent years

2015, facing the severe test of the increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy, the continued sluggish market demand, the arduous task of cost reduction and efficiency increase, and the heavy task of shutdown and overhaul, Dushanzi petrochemical employees conscientiously implemented the spirit of the fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee, implemented the work deployment of the autonomous region and the group company, and vigorously implemented the three strategies of "resources, talents and innovation" and the operation of "one increase, two reductions and one adjustment" To ensure that the equipment circuit has a good grounding state strategy, comprehensively strengthen enterprise management, deeply promote production optimization, actively promote reform and innovation, vigorously develop local economy, and continuously build a harmonious environment, writing a new chapter in the construction of a world-class modern petrochemical base

of the company's 30 key monitoring indicators, 15 ranked among the top three of PetroChina and 7 ranked first. The integrated system operated effectively, and successfully developed 6 new products such as high gloss injection plastics. Metallocene film products filled the gap in China. Safe 50Hz high-quality completion of the first "four-year repair" of the whole system, creating favorable conditions for the next long-term operation. At the same time, Dushanzi ten million ton oil refining one million ton ethylene project won the "annual National Gold Award for high quality projects"; The company has been the first energy efficiency "leader" of ethylene production enterprises in China, and has taken a solid step in the journey of building a fully profitable high-quality enterprise

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