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Comments on Shantou's weekly plastic offer (9.4

this week, the offer of last week was continued, and there was no change on the whole. Last week, because LG's LDPE quotation was $650, the customer thought the price was high, and the response was cold. This week, LG changed the quotation method, and the customer reported the acceptable price, and then priced according to the situation. At present, the customer's counter-offer is about 620 yuan, and it is estimated that the transaction can be concluded in US dollars. Based on this cost accounting, its import cost price should be 72, supporting Ningbo's major national strategy The demand is 00 yuan, which is still high for the weak market demand. At present, LG's sales to avoid rust are generally in good condition. In the LDPE market, brands are very miscellaneous, and some low-cost ocean going goods are becoming more and more popular. For example, LDPE made in Iran is currently priced at only 6780 yuan in Shantou

this week, Indian injection molding and drawing grade PP were sold to the main port at a transaction price of US $505. India's HDPE injection grade offer to the main port was $550. In LLDPE, the offer from Formosa Plastics is in US dollars, because recently, the plastic price in Taiwan island can be divided into wedge-shaped fixtures (referring to the rise in inclined plane). At present, the transaction price of South Korea's LLDPE to the mainland is between US dollars, and the mainland manufacturers have also made a sharp dive in dollars to cope with the current low price of 6200 yuan of Changmao petrochemical in the city.

this week's offer is roughly as follows:

lldpe (South Korea) usd580

hdpe injection molding Wire drawing (Korea) usd580

HDPE film blowing (Korea) usd610

HDPE injection molding, wire drawing (India) usd550

PP injection molding, wire drawing (Korea) usd530

PP film blowing (Korea) usd570

PP injection molding, wire drawing (India, Middle East) usd505

PVC ls-100b When all samples are open, D (Korea) usd470

LDPE 5320 (Korea) usd630

LLDPE (Formosa Plastics) usd570

phthalic anhydride Aijing (main port) USD460

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