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A week's market review of Changshu polyester market

this week, the price of upstream raw materials continued to rise. For example, the general cash withdrawal transaction price in the semi gloss polyester chip market increased from 11600 on July 30 to 11700 yuan/t for the single chip computer unit connected with the amplifier, up from 11850 yuan/t at present, and the quotation reached 12000 yuan/t. As downstream demanders are cautious about the future market of polyester, polyester trading in this market remains normal. Except for the slight upward quotation of individual specifications due to its small particle size, some products have a stable trend

judging from the trend of market varieties, the current prices of semi light fdy100d and 150D are 13300 yuan/t and 12700 yuan/t respectively; Fdy75d/3 is the mainstream product in the market, which is also the left-hand side that needs to be vigorously carried out in the foam granulator industry. The sales of 6F dayouguang and dt75d/36f Youguang are not bad this week. At present, the central price points are widened, and the utilization fields are 14100 yuan/t and 13450 yuan/t respectively; However, 108dfdy's sales were poor, and the market quotation was 13400 yuan/t, and the market operators reported that it was mainly due to the slight inventory of some upstream spinning manufacturers. Semi gloss fdy50d/24f and dty75d/36f (strong) are in good demand on warp knitting machines. They mainly produce matte cloth and terry cloth. The current prices are 15000 yuan/t and 16300 yuan/t respectively. The sales of DTY silk is in a moderate state. For example, there is still a certain amount of DTY silk 100D and 150D produced in Taicang without color wrapping. It mainly produces downstream printing blank fabrics, and slightly reduces the product texture requirements to reduce the production cost; On the contrary, the overall market of baose premium silk appears depressed. From the perspective of downstream weaving, some grey fabric transactions such as velvets and Mies have started, and the remaining inventory of manufacturers' fabrics is also gradually digested. The starting rate of large round knitting machines is estimated to be above 60%, and the starting rate of warp knitting in the Mei Li area of Changshu is as high as 70%. The actual demand for raw materials is gradually forming an upward momentum, but the purchasing power of downstream is more cautious at present. Polyester market is expected to show a consolidation trend next week

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