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2019 new SUPOR wall breaking machine sp528 starts with the evaluation, and the post coupon price is only 899.00 yuan

2019 new SUPOR wall breaking machine sp528 is new at present, with high cost performance, that is, the load value; At the same time, the first time to use SUPOR wall breaking machine to make soymilk, hard beans are directly put in, just click soymilk, the wall breaking machine automatically adjusts the time, temperature, speed, etc., about 20 minutes later, the family drank hot fragrant soymilk. In addition, if there are old people or children at home, they must choose the wall breaking machine, which will be better absorbed by children or old people. The previous fruit machine at home can't be broken, and it's used today, It can make very fine juice, and let sisters taste it at home some other day. It's not blowing. It's really easy to use, simple to operate, easy to clean, high-end atmosphere, high-grade. The key is really practical, strongly recommended

[popular recommendation] SUPOR wall breaking machine, household heating, full-automatic cooking machine, multi-functional health preserving soy milk, auxiliary food, juicing mixer

2-hour sales volume of 12 pieces

original price of 999.00 yuan, The post coupon price is only 899.00 yuan


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other users' comments on advantages and disadvantages:

1. The new type of recycled plastic granulator is constantly optimized and updated. I feel solid and too heavy in my hand. This machine. But the workmanship is really good, giving people a sense of security. After the goods arrived, I made them five or six times. Generally speaking, I'm very satisfied. I don't need to filter soymilk anymore. Drinking a cup of miscellaneous grain soymilk every day is much more nutritious than buying a few beans outside before. You can not only make soybean milk, but also make nutritious rice paste, but also squeeze fruit juice! The fruit and vegetable juice produced is very delicate. What I made is pitaya milk. Many customers bought the pressure testing machine. It's so delicious. The customer service explanation is very detailed! Have patience ~

2, baby received it. The quality is great. It's really easy to use after trying. The things you type are very delicate and delicious, and the logistics are fast. It's what I want. It's really cost-effective to buy such a wall breaking machine at this price

3. The soymilk machine is very easy to use. I squeezed a few cups of juice just after I bought it. The packing is very good. Logistics is fast. It's worth buying Recommendations for more popular models of tmall

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