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Comments on the external market of pure benzene at home and abroad (7..30)

on July 26, affected by the closure of the scale on the folding table caused by the fire of Formosa plastic equipment, the market price of pure benzene in Asia rose, resulting in the high opening of the spot of pure benzene in Europe in the morning and a rapid rise, with FOB Rotterdam closing at 9053 and infant products 5 US dollars/ton, up 26.5 US dollars/ton, CIF ara closed at 895 US $5/ton, up 26 5 dollars/ton in case of fire; On July 27, there was a theoretical short-term arbitrage opportunity during the global pure benzene spot fluctuation. The European pure benzene spot market reversed the upward trend on July 26, and the transaction price fell sharply, with FOB Rotterdam closing at 887 75 US dollars/ton, down 17.75 US dollars/ton, CIF ara closed at US dollars/ton, down 18.5 US dollars/ton. European pure benzene prices rose, with FOB Rotterdam closing at 876 75 US dollars/ton, up 7.5 US dollars/ton. CIF ara closed in the MuCell foaming process used in the manufacturing process, mainly adding nitrogen 867 to the polymer melt during injection molding 25 dollars/ton, up 8.25 dollars/ton. On the whole, the average price of pure benzene in northwest Europe from July 26 to 30 increased by $30.4 per ton from July 19 to 23

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