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Comments on the international crude oil spot market on Friday

Oman's crude oil trading in March may start next week, but may perform poorly. Due to the weak profit of fuel oil, arbitrage is possible, unless Oman sharply reduces the official price of the first piece of plastic sent ashore in December, it will become an important milestone The market situation of Abu Dhabi light acid Murban crude oil in March is also unlikely to improve, due to the official price hike in December and the recent weakness in the price gap of aviation coal cracking

before Oman announced its official price in December, the transaction in March still did not start, and there was no quotation or bid

traders expect that Oman's official price in December will be slightly reduced or unchanged, even if some February spot transactions are reached at a discount price

they said that most spot transactions last month were closed at a negative discount The price difference of fuel oil cracking is also at a double-digit negative discount level

the official price of Oman in November was 42 cents below Dubai The possible support comes from the expectation that Saudi Arabia may cut the contract supply of heavy crude oil and raise the official price, which may push buyers to increase their spot purchases However, this is not enough to support the market situation in Oman

in addition, following the decline in Brent futures prices, the Brent/Dubai spread has been narrowing, which makes Brent related crude oil from the Atlantic basin more attractive to Asian buyers

the Brent/Dubai swap price in March was 2. The aviation industry has been closely studying 'what thermoplastic composites can do for them' 60 dollars/barrel, a broker said

Abu Dhabi's flagship light acid Murban crude oil is also not optimistic, because the discount of Murban's goods increased to the official discount of 52 cents/barrel in February. Fixture status and development trend This is due to the official price hike of this crude oil rich in distillates in December and the recent weakness of the price difference of aviation kerosene cracking

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) set the official price of its Murban crude oil at $62.05 per barrel in December, up $2.35 from the official price in November, according to the notice received the night before yesterday

this widened the price difference between Murban and Dubai by 38 cents to US $3.37/barrel, although the price difference of medium distillate cracking was weak

the comprehensive support capacity of refined and deep processed products such as aviation aluminum, electronic materials, power battery materials and high-performance cemented carbide has exceeded 70%. In recent months, Japanese end users have strong demand for Murban crude oil because they want to increase the production of heating fuel kerosene

in the sweet crude oil market in Asia, the shipments were basically sold out in February, and traders will pay attention to the progress of the monthly sales contract of Vietnam white tiger crude oil

it is reported that potential buyers are offering a discount of $4/barrel to Minas, while petechim still has not made a public offer

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