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Comments on plastic warehouse receipts on March 23

Plastic warehouse receipts as a whole fell slightly today. The settlement prices of pp1005 and ll1005 are 10870 yuan/ton and 11143 yuan/ton respectively, down 6 yuan from yesterday's settlement. It is also good to actively cultivate new creep resistance and wear resistance of green development; Kinetic energy ton, down 7 yuan/ton, a total of 1319 batches (6595 tons) were traded throughout the day, down from the previous day

upstream dynamics: crude oil rebounds, ethylene is stable, and propylene is stable

overnight crude oil closed at 81.25 (↑ 0.57). Ethylene monomer: CFR Northeast Asia reported 1151.00 US dollars/ton; CFR Southeast Asia reported 1140.00 US dollars/ton. Propylene monomer: FOB Korea reported 1271.00 US dollars/ton; FOB Japan reported US $1269.00/ton

[polypropylene variety]

1. External market: closing on the 22nd, local small rise

fob Middle East homopolymer PP reported (↑ 5) us "yuan/ton, FD northwest Europe homopolymer (EUR/ton) flat, Fas Houston homopolymer PP reported (USD/ton) flat

2. Domestic spot: the listing price of PetroChina Huadong PP wire drawing material increased by 150 yuan/ton, and the market atmosphere improved

today, the listing price of PetroChina Huadong PP wire drawing material increased by 150 yuan/ton, and the listing of other brands was temporarily stable. Sinopec Sales North China branch PP price sales after settlement. Affected by the pricing of Sinopec North China, the PP market around Yanshan did not offer much in the morning, and there was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere among merchants. Generally speaking, due to the uncertain demand, the merchants tentatively reported a small increase, and the transaction can be negotiated. Local Dushanzi S1003 is quoted as 10650 yuan/ton, and T30S is also quoted as yuan/ton. The quotation of PP spot market in Yuyao area was strong, and the trading atmosphere improved; Daqing T30S reported about 10850 yuan/ton, Dushanzi S1003 reported about 10800 yuan/ton, and Zhenhai T30S goods understated about 10850 yuan/ton

3. Warehouse receipt trend: weak and volatile, slightly lower

today, the main force of jubing warehouse orders 1005 opened flat in the morning and was blocked from rising. It continued to fall back and finally closed at 10845. The negative line with the center of gravity slightly downward is withdrawn from the K-line. On the 60 minute diagram, 4 are threaded down and 9 are threaded down, and the MACD zero axis is glued above. The spot trading atmosphere has improved, and we continue to pay attention to the performance of crude oil at the 80 level. Multiple orders can be reduced at high prices. Short line reference support 10670, 10700; Pressure 10950, 10970

[linear varieties]

linear 1005 fell slightly to close at 11143, up 0.06%

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