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With the advent of the information age, the survival and competitive environment of small and medium-sized enterprises has undergone fundamental changes. For small and medium-sized enterprises, informatization, whether as a strategic or tactical means, has played a decisive role in enterprise management. Combined with the current situation of our country, since the reform and opening up, China's small and medium-sized enterprises have developed rapidly. By the end of 2006, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China had exceeded 42million. These small and medium-sized enterprises have certain common characteristics: the capital is not very strong, the management is not very perfect, the informatization foundation is generally poor, and they are facing extremely fierce market competition. Small and medium-sized enterprises are an important part of the national economy and a dynamic economic group

with the rapid development of modern information technology, the mode of production, operation and management of enterprises is developing towards informatization and networking with the development of network technology. An information technology revolution marked by interconnection is changing human production and life, and mankind is entering the era of information economy. In this era, the level of modern information technology of an enterprise will become an important symbol of the competitiveness of the enterprise. Only by quickly mastering and making good use of network technology, managing the logistics, capital flow and information flow of the enterprise according to modern management methods, and realizing enterprise management informatization, can the enterprise comprehensively improve the level of resource allocation, improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and thus improve the economic benefits of the enterprise, Make the enterprise in an invincible position in the market competition

enterprise management informatization is the general trend of today. Many enterprise groups at home and abroad are scrambling to launch, trying to integrate the management idea of this advanced chain pulling machine into the enterprise for its profits. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the implementation of enterprise management informatization is also required by the times and enterprise development. It can be said that in the near future, without enterprise informatization, there will be no enterprise modernization, and there will be no enterprise's ability to respond quickly to the market. However, the implementation of enterprise management network informatization is not an easy thing for small and medium-sized enterprises. First of all, it is a whole-body movement of enterprise management and a change that challenges the traditional management model, which requires the joint efforts of decision-making level, management level, technology level, application level and other levels to promote; Secondly, it should be based on certain economic strength, technical level, management foundation and personnel quality. It requires enterprises to have strong internal control ability and be able to accurately implement enterprise decisions

at present, informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises has broad and profound content, among which management informatization is an important aspect. How to use information technology to enhance the management and technological innovation ability of enterprises, how to formulate enterprise information development strategy to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and how to integrate information system into daily management work to bring benefits to enterprises are important issues faced by information builders

the company unifies its thinking and builds informatization

with the arrival of the information age, the survival and competitive environment of small and medium-sized enterprises has undergone fundamental changes. For small and medium-sized enterprises and then made into metallographic samples, informatization, whether as a strategic or tactical means, has played a decisive role in enterprise management

enterprise management informatization is not only a technical problem, but also a management revolution that challenges the traditional backward management mode. It is a great change to the original old business mode, management mechanism, organization form and business process of the enterprise. To implement enterprise management informatization, the first thing to be solved is the ideological understanding of enterprise employees, especially the understanding of the leadership on informatization construction. The top leaders of enterprises attach great importance to and make direct decisions, which plays a decisive role in the successful implementation of enterprise informatization. For example, the reorganization of the company's organizational form, the reform of management methods, the reengineering of business processes, the redistribution of department functions and interests, etc., are bound to have friction with some habitual forces. Without the firm support of leaders and practice, these changes are difficult to promote

at the same time, in the initialization stage of informatization, it is necessary to input and calculate the load and load a lot of basic data into the computer, and deal with various problems in operation at any time. The workload is huge, the process is boring, but the results are not very obvious. People take a wait-and-see attitude and look at every detail related to themselves with a puzzled eye. At this time, the support and encouragement of leaders are particularly important. Therefore, choosing informatization means choosing change. Leaders at all levels should be fully prepared:

(1) first of all, we should realize that informatization is a management change

(2) we should strengthen the understanding and learning of informatization knowledge, and realize from the depths of our hearts that informatization is the need of the times, the need to strengthen enterprise management and adapt to social development. We should not blindly follow, but also see the difficulties and obstacles in the implementation of informatization

(3) it is not enough to directly participate in the discussion and planning of key links and major issues, but to give human and material support. We should practice it and make decisions in person

(4) when technicians and implementers encounter difficulties and setbacks, they must give strong support and encouragement

therefore, many enterprises that have successfully implemented informatization management say that the implementation process of informatization is actually a "top-level project". Without the support of leaders at all levels, the implementation of informatization can only be on paper. To sum up, the most fundamental reason is that the leaders do not attach importance to it, the quality of personnel is low, the demand is not clear, the design is unreasonable, the implementation is not in place, the infrastructure is backward, or the system is not perfect, etc., because they do not put efficiency in the first place of all information work, and do not realize that efficiency is the fundamental problem of enterprise informatization

implement informatization in all departments

let all employees progress with informatization. In the process of informatization, it is also a standardized process. For example, after the traditional manual approval system is implemented into informatization, it should be strictly implemented in the corresponding system. Unlike the relatively free manual approval stage, some people will feel that informatization is too troublesome and not as convenient as before. This involves the standardization of business processes. In the actual process of standardization, some departments or personnel must have resistance. At this time, we should realize that this trouble is a kind of "progress", management progress. We must deepen this enterprising awareness to all departments, so that all employees can make progress with informatization

management informatization is a comprehensive whole-body movement of an enterprise, which involves almost all business fields of the enterprise. It requires the joint participation of personnel at all levels of the enterprise to clarify the existing and potential information needs, so as to design a scientific, practical and information plan that meets the requirements of enterprise strategic development; Moreover, the application of informatization is mostly used by users of various processes and terminals. Users are most familiar with business processes. The use effect of the system is directly related to their interests, and the suggestions they put forward are also the most targeted. Therefore, informatization construction can not be completed by one department or a few people. It requires the joint participation of all employees, their quality, application level The degree of participation directly affects the operation of the system. Therefore, in the implementation process of the system, we must do a good job in the education and training of employees:

(1) carry out the education and training of information management concept, computer application, information management system and other knowledge for employees in a planned and hierarchical manner, so that employees can gradually understand and be familiar with information, understand the benefits that information can bring to themselves and the enterprise, and make employees consciously participate in the implementation of information management, which can not be ignored

(2) strengthen the training of system operation methods and operation skills, standardize the operation behavior of operators, and run the training through the whole process of system operation

(3) organize business backbones of various processes to visit excellent enterprises in information management in a planned way to learn "brainwashing" in order to learn from others' strengths and make up for their own weaknesses

consider the current informatization situation and ideal informatization situation of the enterprise from the actual situation of the enterprise. Both the present and the future can be clearly explained. If we cannot grasp the current situation and have a good outlook for the future, informatization will be doomed to failure. At the same time, we should also realize that neither software nor hardware is omnipotent, and informatization is the same. It can only enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and assist enterprises to develop better, rather than pinning all problems on informatization

the foundation of informatization is standardization and standardization. Whether the basic management work is complete or not is the cornerstone of whether the informatization management can operate reliably. If the basic work is not done well, it will greatly affect the informatization operation, and the price paid for this is also huge and heavy. Because the implementation of informatization, in short, is to use the computer network processing system to input documents and information into the computer, use the human brain to control the computer, and use the computer to control the process. In this process, in order to realize the scientific management of logistics, capital flow, information flow, process control, customer relations, supply chain connection and other links, we must consolidate the basic management of the enterprise, and achieve data standardization and process standardization, Otherwise, the computer will refuse to execute the operation instructions. Therefore, when deciding on informatization, we should improve the basic management:

(1) establish and improve various rules and regulations that meet the requirements of informatization management, and implement the standardization and unification of standard quota, measurement, statistics, material and product codes and names. Because the name of the same goods and the specification and model of a product may be just one word, there is no problem under the condition of manual processing, but once entering the system, it will either be rejected, or it will bring a series of troubles to the future work after entering. Therefore, standardization and normalization are the foundation of information management

(2) establish an on-the-spot bill entry system to achieve daily business clearing and daily settlement, so as to ensure the timeliness of data entry

(3) establish a strict internal audit system to ensure the standardization and accuracy of initial data entry and reduce the error rate of data entry, because what is input is garbage, and what is output must also be garbage, which will not bring benefits to management, but also mislead the business decision-making of enterprises and bring incalculable losses to enterprises

(4) improve the scientific division of labor and the internal control system of mutual containment of various processes to ensure the standardized and transparent operation of the whole system

the implementation of informatization should have a long-term development plan

the enterprise informatization plan should not only look at the immediate needs, but should look to the future, the future development trend and future needs of the enterprise. Although it is important to solve the current problems, the foreseeable needs in the next two or three years or even longer must also be taken into account. In other words, according to the normal development of enterprises, the information infrastructure built at present can meet the development needs of the next few years. Rather than the slight development of enterprises, hardware and software have to follow the "development"

management informatization is not just about building a local area in the enterprise. Through the computer network, you can check data and documents on the computer. These are just the most basic and most important

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