There is an insurmountable forbidden zone in the h

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There is an insurmountable forbidden zone in digital printing

although digital printing will inevitably have one or another problems and many advantages, in the process of application, we must also pay attention to some operational details to ensure a more perfect print

1. Observe the display (monitor)

the color gamut range of the image displayed in the display is larger than that of the digital printer. For example, inkjet proofing has a high resolution. Epson inkjet proofing can proofing at 720dpi or 1440dpi. Special attention should also be paid to making color blocks for the printing machine or proofing to correct the color when proofing on the machine. Advanced and advanced color management system is the best solution

2. Choose the right software

quarkxpress, adobe, InDesign Photoshop, free hand, lustrator and other software. Various software are slightly different in color. If the same color generates images in ilustrator, freehand and Photoshop, then import them into PageMaker or ouarkxpress and transform them into CMYK color space, the colors of these three units will not match, and the color must be adjusted to color balance. Avoid using Microsoft PowerPoint text to process RGB graphics, because text processing tends to work in RGB color space

3. Collect products

ensure that all fonts and connected graphic files are saved in an appropriate format. Digital printing companies prefer to use page description type 1 Fonts. You can also provide the service provider with files in DF format that adobe P needs to update

4. Immediate post-processing

digital printing products will produce problems such as paper curl or paper particle roughness in the binding stage. Polish is different from ink. It appears on the surface of paper and is not easy to be absorbed. When folding, the polish is easy to crack at the crease, so the printing design of crease should be avoided, or high gloss should be adopted in the crease area or the particle size of the paper should be detected to reduce the cracking. If it is thick paper, it is necessary to ensure that the graphics and creases are within the paper code, not across the code, so as to reduce the cracking of paper and polish. A printing machine with better performance can deal with these potential faults

5. Learn more about product equipment

in most cases, you can't design a printing job that is always changing. Send it to any service provider that can calculate the tensile strength, yield strength, specified non proportional extension strength, elastic modulus and other performance indicators of the measured materials, and even temporarily shut down the whole production line, you should clearly know what the equipment can and cannot do, and then design the operation according to its various limitations

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