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Experts discuss China's printing machinery manufacturing industry

relevant experts believe that in China, the market capacity of printing equipment was 12billion yuan in 2000 and will reach billion yuan by 2005. However, at present, domestic printing equipment accounts for only 28% of the domestic market share, which is extremely disproportionate to China's rapidly developing economy and large population

there are indeed some unreasonable phenomena in the intellectual property layout machine market in the field of cutting-edge new materials in China. For example, in some product fields, no matter the size of enterprises, they compete cruelly in the medium and low-end product market, and have no time to care about product upgrading, quality assurance, service system, etc., giving up the medium and high-end product market

in fact, there is a demand for low, medium and high-end products in the domestic and international printing machine market, but the mid-range market is larger, so you can do something freely. For example, Ziguang's post press binding equipment is on the road of internationalization. We should play a leading role in the domestic market of medium and high-end products; In the international market, we will promote products of lower middle level to developing countries, and strive to enter the European and American markets with products of higher middle level

at present, domestic printing machine enterprises are facing problems such as outdated management mode, backward knowledge and skills, aging equipment and technology, weak innovation ability and so on. The solution may be joint venture with foreign capital, cooperation, asset restructuring, ownership transformation, etc., but the key is to solve the defects and deficiencies in concepts, systems, mechanisms, innovation capabilities, knowledge structures, etc

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