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Experts talk about railway development and equipment demand

Guide: the following is an exclusive interview with construction machinery:: the national investment in railway has increased year by year. As the person in charge of equipment bidding and procurement of China Railway Engineering Corporation and experts, please first introduce the railway engineering projects currently under construction and planned to start in China. Xue Lin

the following is an exclusive interview with construction machinery:

: the national investment in railway has increased year by year. As heads and experts in charge of equipment bidding and procurement of China Railway Engineering Corporation, please first introduce the railway engineering projects under construction and planned to start in China

Xue Lin (deputy director of the equipment factory Department of China Railway Engineering Corporation): in early 1998, according to the overall framework of the state on increasing infrastructure investment and stimulating national economic growth, the Ministry of Railways put forward the strategic goal of "fighting a decisive battle in the southwest, attacking coal transportation, building highways, expanding roads and breaking through 70000", which is to concentrate on building a number of important contributions to the overall situation of the national economy, Large capacity trunk lines that play a major role in the road and engineering projects that have an important impact on improving the road layout and accelerating regional development. We will focus on the construction of major projects such as Xi'an Ankang Railway, Shuozhou Huanghua railway, Nanjiang Railway (kulele Kashgar), Zhuzhou Liupanshui double track (Yangpingguan Chengdu), Neijiang Kunming Railway (Yibin Liupanshui), Heze yanri double track (Heze Yanzhou Rizhao), Hexi Railway (Xi'an Hefei), Chongqing Huaihua Railway (Chongqing Huaihua), Qin (Qinhuangdao Shenyang) passenger dedicated line, Luoyang Zhanjiang channel, northeast Yangtze River Delta coastal road and Haitong road, Strive to start the construction of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway in 2000. The preliminary plan is to build 5340km of new lines, 4400km of electrification of existing lines, 2580km of double tracks of existing lines and 1000km of local railways in five years. It is estimated that by 2000, railway business 3. They can display the tension results through computer software curves and electronic document reports. The total mileage will reach 65000 km from 65000 km recently, and the deviation should not be greater than 0.5mm. In 2002, the mileage of railway business department will exceed 70000 km, including 21000 km of double track and 15000 km of electrification. Through the construction of main sections, a railway network with four horizontal and four vertical lines will be formed. In addition to the Longhai line, there are four main lines on the East-West passage, namely, water (city) - Zhuzhou (Zhou), Nanjing - Xi'an, Shuo (Zhou) - Huang (Hua), Sichuan (Daxian) - Han (Wuhan) - Ning (Nanjing); On the North-South Corridor, in addition to Beijing Guangzhou and Beijing Shanghai, four trunk lines are formed, including Baotou Ankang expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Luoyang Zhanjiang Expressway and coastal corridor (Harbin Dalian Yantai Xinxing Changxing)

in 1998, many of the above-mentioned new lines have been started in railway construction, and breakthroughs have been made. From January to August 1999, China Railway Engineering Corporation completed 65.78 million m3 of earthwork, about 76km of large and medium-sized bridges, 140km of tunnels, 620km of track laying, and 1840 holes of beams. At the same time, it has undertaken a large number of off highway projects and some overseas projects

: Qinhuangdao Shenyang passenger dedicated line is an important project that everyone pays attention to. Please introduce the specific situation of Qinhuangdao Shenyang dedicated line

Xue Lin: the Qinhuangdao Shenyang passenger dedicated line, which started in August 1999, is a passenger dedicated line with a design speed of 200km/h, and is also preparing for the construction of Beijing Shanghai expressway. Its commencement marks the beginning of a new era of high-speed railway construction and passenger dedicated line construction in China. The total length of Qinhuangdao Shenyang railway is 412km, including 221 bridges, with a total investment of 15billion yuan. The Subgrade Earthwork is 48.7 million m3, and the ballast is 2.26 million m3. The construction period is 4 years

: Wang Gong, many equipment production 3. The exposed sliding parts, gears, pulleys and other protective installation enterprises of the experimental machine are very concerned about the situation of equipment procurement bidding. You have been engaged in equipment procurement for a long time. Please introduce it

Wang Shuhe (Senior Engineer of equipment factory Department of China Railway Engineering Corporation): Our Railway Engineering Corporation has the first to fifth combined engineering bureaus and four professional engineering bureaus. In terms of equipment procurement, the equipment factory Department of the head office is mainly responsible for the bidding procurement of foreign-funded loan equipment, focusing on special, large-scale and technologically advanced equipment. In procurement, suppliers participate in national bidding. In recent years, due to the improvement of domestic product quality and the further implementation of the national export policy, many domestic equipment have won international bidding. The Machinery Department of each bureau is responsible for the purchase of general equipment with self raised funds of each unit, which accounts for a large proportion. In recent years, with the strengthening of early-stage management of equipment by all units, all bureaus have also begun to adopt the form of bidding when purchasing equipment with high value

take the Qinhuangdao Shenyang Railway as an example. First, the State Planning Commission assigns the project, then the planning department of the Ministry of Railways transfers it to the Construction Department of the Ministry of railways, and then goes to the engineering management center. The management center organizes all engineering bureaus to participate in the bidding of six bid sections, and divides the bid sections according to the characteristics of each Engineering Bureau. Finally, all engineering bureaus purchase equipment first. When purchasing equipment, all engineering bureaus mainly purchase according to the special requirements of the engineering project, For example, the subgrade compactness requirements of Qinhuangdao Shenyang passenger dedicated line are high (98%), and static roller and general roller are difficult to meet the use requirements, so it is necessary to choose vibratory roller to meet the use requirements

: you must have encountered many problems in purchasing equipment first and using and maintaining it. What do you think are the main problems

Wang Shuhe: This is the need to separate famous brands at home and abroad from some enterprises that only care about immediate interests. There are three main differences. First of all, the purchase of equipment of famous brands has large initial investment and low purchase cost, but the maintenance cost is high, which sometimes affects the construction period and project quality. Secondly, the supply time. As some enterprises rely on imports of key parts, the supply time is delayed because the parts are not supplied in time according to the contract. Finally, there are problems in use and maintenance. Excellent enterprises have produced high-quality products through unremitting development and experiment, so they attach great importance to brand value. After users choose and buy equipment, they are also trained, which can make operators familiar with machines as soon as possible. Alcoa has completed the expansion of the production capacity of aluminum lithium alloy in the kitzgreen plant in the UK; The aluminum lithium alloy plate production line of Davenport rolling plant was reconstructed and expanded; The aluminum lithium alloy production line of Lafayette extrusion foundry in Anna, India has been expanded, so as to give better play to the excellent characteristics of the equipment itself and reduce misoperation in use; Some enterprises have not done enough in this regard, and the equipment maintenance personnel of the manufacturer have a single knowledge. For example, they can only repair hydraulic parts or electrical components, and cannot repair the user's equipment in a timely and accurate manner

duanshuguo (Senior Engineer of equipment factory Department of China Railway Engineering Corporation): many equipment manufacturers believe that their products are similar to excellent products in performance, but there are some minor defects in use. Domestic equipment may pass the quality of metal structural parts, but it is very poor in hydraulic parts and electrical components. Domestic enterprises sometimes sacrifice their product quality to improve the localization rate. As a result, the quality comes down and the price goes up. This is a fatal weakness

: all of you are professionals in equipment selection and purchase, and you all know well about the engineering construction machinery industry. Can you give us some opinions on the development of the engineering construction machinery industry from the perspective of users

duanshuguo: as I mentioned just now, many key components of domestic machinery, such as hydraulic parts and seals, fail to pass the test. Why can't we use advanced parts imported from abroad? Our concrete trailer pump industry is a good example. The trailer pump started late in China, and the working environment of the trailer pump is also very poor. However, since this industry has adopted foreign advanced seals, hydraulic parts and electrical components at the beginning of its formation and development, the quality of domestic trailer pumps is quite good. This example just illustrates the problem

Wang Shuhe: the after-sales service of some enterprises should be improved. After the products are sold, the users should be fully and responsibly trained to make the equipment maintenance focus on prevention. In recent years, due to the fierce competition in the construction machinery market and the joint venture and cooperation between foreign famous manufacturers and domestic manufacturers, the varieties and specifications of domestic products have been continuously improved, the product quality has also been continuously improved, and the management and sales concepts have also changed

Xue Lin: what Wang Gong and Duan Gong said is reasonable. Although there are many deficiencies in the equipment produced by our domestic enterprises, as users, we are still willing to support the development of national industry and choose national brands. China Railway Engineering Corporation has more than 38000 main construction and production equipment, with a total power of 1.8 million KW, with an original value of 4.6 billion yuan. In the middle and late 1980s, during the construction of Beijing Qinhuangdao railway, Hengguang double track railway and other projects, a large number of then advanced construction equipment, mainly large tonnage dump trucks, excavators, bulldozers, loaders, special equipment for tunnel construction, etc., were introduced through international bidding by using World Bank loans, Japanese yen loans, central foreign exchange, etc. the introduction of these equipment promoted the technical progress of construction enterprises, but due to their long service life, About 60% have been scrapped, and another 30% are in the scrap period. In the 1990s, in addition to continuing to use foreign loans to introduce equipment, all units purchased many equipment with their own funds in combination with construction needs. Especially since the climax of a new round of railway construction battle in 1998, the intensity of equipment procurement has increased. In 1998, all units raised nearly 1billion yuan to purchase mechanical equipment mainly for tunnel construction. Although the mechanical equipment capacity of the head office continues to improve, in the face of a new round of railway construction climax, the construction equipment it has can not safely meet the needs of the construction situation. On the one hand, many old equipment need to be eliminated and updated, with emphasis on earthwork equipment, concrete equipment and large-scale lifting equipment; On the other hand, with the development of engineering technology, there are still shortages and gaps in the types and specifications of construction equipment, mainly manifested in the construction equipment of high-speed railway engineering foundation and line laying, the supporting equipment for the efficient construction of long and long tunnels (excavation, loading, transportation, concrete spraying, ventilation, etc.), the foundation construction equipment of large aperture deep foundation, the construction machinery equipment of urban underground engineering, the pavement construction equipment of high-grade highway, etc. According to the current equipment planning, the construction units affiliated to the head office will invest about 1billion yuan in equipment purchase every year in the next two years. In the direction of equipment selection, considering the performance price ratio and other reasons, we will give priority to reliable products produced by domestic enterprises. We sincerely hope that the manufacturers can aim at the resolution of foreign advanced equipment, optimize the design, constantly develop new products, select reliable accessories, strengthen quality control, strengthen after-sales service, reduce failures, and provide high-quality products for railway construction in view of the harsh use environment of railway engineering construction. China Railway Engineering Corporation is grateful for its support and help from equipment manufacturers in past engineering projects and equipment procurement

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