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Industry focus: the dream and dignity behind the rise of Sany brand

industry focus: the dream and dignity behind the rise of Sany brand

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Guide: according to the yellowtable list released by the international authority InternationalConstruction in 2013, Sany Heavy Industry went further than last year, ranking among the top five global construction machinery enterprises. This is the latest ranking of Sany industry scale and global competitiveness, and it is also the world record set by China's construction machinery industry

according to the yellowtable list released by the international authority InternationalConstruction in 2013, Sany Heavy Industry went further than last year and ranked among the top five global construction machinery enterprises. This is the latest ranking of the scale and global competitiveness of Sany industry, and it is also the world high set by China's construction machinery industry

from national brands to "a business card made in China", from "going out" to global famous brands, from rectifying the name of "made in China" to striving for equal treatment for Chinese enterprises in cross-border trade, the brand road of Sany is more like a documentary about dreams and dignity

national brand begins with the mission of practicing

Sany is a company with culture before enterprise. At the beginning of the company's entrepreneurship, "create a first-class enterprise, cultivate first-class talents, and make first-class contributions" is the source of the company's name

Sany first started in Hunan Lianyuan welding material factory, but due to the small scale of the welding material industry, it soon encountered a "ceiling". In 1992, Xiang Wenbo, the current president of Sany Heavy Industry, proposed the company to enter the construction machinery industry after investigation and research. Subsequently, this proposal was implemented, and sany moved to Changsha, the provincial capital

why choose this industry? Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, once said: "a strong country must be a country with strong manufacturing capacity, and a country with strong manufacturing capacity must be a country with strong economic national strength. It is impossible for such a large China to import a modernization, and we should explore the development path of Chinese industry through the development of Sany."

at that time, on the construction sites in full swing in China, there were few national brand construction machinery. When Sany Heavy Industry was founded, it only had a plant of dozens of square meters and the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurial team

after several consideration, Sany chose the concrete drag pump with high technical content to break into the construction machinery market. However, at that time, foreign enterprises adopted many technical blockades on concrete pumping technology, and the choice of joint venture could not get the real core technology. Driven by a strong sense of mission, Sany finally launched China's first large displacement, high-pressure concrete drag pump with independent intellectual property rights in 1994 after arduous independent innovation. Since then, the management of Sany has secretly vowed to win the world's respect for Sany and China by creating first-class products. Import substitution has become the first step for Sany to build a national brand

starting from towing pumps, it has taken root in Sany in the construction machinery industry, and has successively targeted pump trucks, excavators, rotary drilling rigs, cranes, road rollers and other products to snatch "cake" from foreign brands one by one. For example, in the field of concrete machinery, mainly pumps and pump trucks, Sany has become an undisputed global leader. In the field of excavators, Sany has reproduced the momentum of promoting "import substitution" of concrete machinery in those years, ending the monopoly situation of foreign brands for more than 20 years, and greatly boosting the confidence in the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry

what makes Chinese people proud is that with the entry of Sany, China's construction machinery industry has also added all its previous vitality

it is understood that before Sany entered this industry, 90% of China's concrete machinery needs to be imported, 90% of excavation machinery needs to be imported, and there is no piling machinery in China. It is the concept of breaking fear and bold innovation that drives the development of the entire national brand. As Xiang Wenbo said, the construction machinery industry has become one of the few industries with international competitiveness in China. The rise of Chinese construction machinery groups has changed the pattern of world construction machinery

enter the advanced ranks of high-end manufacturing in the world

"our dream is to truly contribute a world-class brand to China." Xiang Wenbo said

however, the "made in China" all over the world has long been regarded as a synonym for low quality, low price, labor-intensive and low scientific and technological content. Sany defines its mission as "quality changes the world". The so-called "quality changes the world" is to use high product quality to change the world image of low-quality Chinese products

two years ago, wall street came to Sany for an interview, which was shocked by the scale and manufacturing capacity of Sany's factory. He wrote: "the Sany factory near Changsha airport can be described as spotless. Anyone who comes to Sany to visit can feel the strong pride of the enterprise."

this Changsha factory is the largest concrete machinery production place in the world. Here is the largest single plant in Asia - plant 18. It is from here that Sany has gradually developed into No.1 of global concrete machinery

it's more amazing to leave Changsha and travel all the way east to Shanghai. At No. 318, Lianggang Avenue, Shanghai Lingang Industrial Park, stands a row of magnificent and beautiful modern plants. This is the location of Sany Shanghai Lingang Industrial Park. It is known as "the largest, most beautiful and most advanced excavator production base in the world"

in addition to first-class workshops and production lines, Sany also has a rigorous quality culture

based on the production mode of Toyota in Japan, Sany has gradually improved a unique lean manufacturing system. In 2008, Sany first proposed the concept of SPS (namely, Sany production system). At the beginning of 2011, based on the prototype of the original SPS, Sany proposed a new Sany production mode - SPS blueprint, that is, by building a high-quality talent team, building a high-quality output platform, and finally exporting high-quality products

there is a well-known saying in Sany culture that "quality is the only thing that cannot be compromised. It is related to the value of the enterprise and the starting point of Sany dignity." Xiang Wenbo said that Sany's development today is also due to the belief that only high quality can bring long-term development to the enterprise

this year, when visiting Sany excavator manufacturing base in Lingang, Shanghai, Harvard University Professor Jeffrey Williams said with emotion, "the rapid response mechanism of Sany private enterprises may enable them to become international brands."

Herman Simon, a famous German management master, spoke highly of Sany: "before, no one dared to imagine that Chinese enterprises could become the global leader in a certain field in a short time. However, Sany Heavy Industry, a company from Changsha, China, realized the world dream of this Chinese enterprise with its high-quality products."

in fact, the reason why Sany internationalization can go more calmly today is closely related to its early start of overseas layout. Xiang Wenbo once said, "internationalization is a tough battle that must be fought. Sany regards it as its third venture." In Sany's view, the first two startups were enterprise start-ups and company listings

Sany has been internationalizing for ten years now - as early as 2001, Sany officially signed a cooperative distribution agreement with Deere company, a fortune 500 company in the world, marking the beginning of its international strategic operation

Sany is also the most courageous tegracore polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) foam plastic, which can be used as the core material of various structural foam and sandwich technology. It is also the construction machinery enterprise that first invested in the construction of its own R & D and production base overseas. At the same time, it is also the enterprise that has invested the most overseas bases and put into operation the earliest overseas bases

since 2006, Sany has successively invested in India, the United States, Germany, Brazil and other countries. It is worth mentioning that these investment projects are completely different from the "small fight" of the internationalization of general enterprises. Sany's goal is to establish an industrial park and build it into a fully localized R & D, manufacturing and sales base

while preparing to build overseas bases, Sany also established overseas regions. Although the process is obviously longer from sowing to harvest, Sany, who is "jealous of slowness as hatred", at this time, various types of body and chassis components such as aluminum alloy battery packs, fenders, crash beams, subframes, etc. brought by many enterprises will show the all-round use of aluminum alloy new material technology in automobile manufacturing, showing more rare patience than ordinary people

Xiang Wenbo said, "Sany's goal is to make overseas sales account for more than 35% of the total sales in the next few years."

after years of hard work and benefiting from the improvement of brand influence, internationalization finally ushered in a performance harvest period. In 2012, Sany's international sales exceeded the 10 billion mark. In the first half of this year, Sany still made great progress in the international market, achieving a year-on-year increase of more than 20% in total international sales, and all the five regions of the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Russia, South Africa and North Africa achieved profits

it is worth mentioning that in strategic emerging markets such as Brazil and the Middle East, many products represented by truck cranes have become popular and won high trust from customers. The international sales of Sany truck cranes have achieved nearly 80% year-on-year growth

in the African and Asia Pacific markets, the market share of many products of Sany is also rising. What is more remarkable is that Sany excavator, with its world-class performance and quality, has a solid position in these emerging markets, has gradually established a reputation, and has also made significant breakthroughs in high-end markets such as the United States

create a world-class business card "made in China"

in the more than ten years of "going out", Sany has also improved its brand awareness and reputation through a series of major events

in the mine rescue in Chile, which attracted much attention in October 2010, Sany SCC4000 crawler crane was selected by the Chilean authorities to undertake the rescue work. As the only Asian equipment on the site, the "Sany" brand is remembered by many people

in 20 domestic market participants through ldquo; Arbitrage windowrdquo; During the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan in March, 2011, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) called on Sany 62m pump truck. The quality of Chinese high-end manufactured products impressed the Japanese people who were famous for their preciseness and impressed the world

in February 2012, Sany Heavy Industry announced its acquisition of Putzmeister, Germany, which shocked the global construction machinery industry. You know, the latter is the first brand of concrete machinery in the world and a typical representative of "made in Germany"

however, not everything is plain sailing

in October 2012, US President Barack Obama and cifus blocked the US wind power project of Sany group on the grounds of "national security". In July 2013, the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) announced a "337 investigation" of Sany Heavy Industries' crawler cranes in the United States after receiving a complaint from manitowac, a local enterprise

however, Sany is obviously different from the Chinese enterprises that have been obstructed in the past. Instead of seeking more blessings for themselves and calming down others, it resolutely "fights for dignity".

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