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Dig deep into industry needs and focus on industry applications. Schneider Electric helps the construction of industry informatization with innovation

meet the growing diversified needs of the industry with ubiquitous innovation

industry application experts continue to help the construction of informatization in many industries such as public security, maritime affairs, transportation

as an expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, Schneider Electric deeply grasps the development needs of the industry, We are committed to becoming industry application experts, creating excellent products and services tailored for partners in different industries and fields, leading the digital transformation of the industry with innovation, and helping customers move forward steadily and firmly on the road of information construction

help build smart public security and build a model data center

at present, safe China has become an important top-level design and national consensus. The Ministry of public security is actively exploring the establishment of a large information system with Chinese public security characteristics, and taking this as a breakthrough to continuously promote the reform and innovation of public security work. In order to fully meet the requirements of a Municipal Public Security Bureau in North China, which hopes to build a model computer room construction project within the public security system through the application of new technologies and brightness design, Schneider Electric has successfully introduced the new French intelligent bus power distribution scheme for the first time in China with full life-cycle project tracking, control and landing support, realizing unified power distribution monitoring, and integrated into the dynamic environment system for centralized display and monitoring, At the same time, two sets of 2n dual bus modular ups with full load power of 1600kw MW are perfectly grounded. As a landmark building project and a landmark computer room case in the city, this project has been rated as a model computer room construction project within the national public security system

at the same time, in response to the demand of a Municipal Public Security Bureau in East China to build a data center with high reliability, high stability, easy management and green energy conservation, Schneider Electric has customized an overall data center solution based on InfraStruxure Yingfei integrated system, including bus and medium and low voltage power distribution, Successfully build the largest one-stop data center project in the public security industry participated by Schneider Electric in East China, and realize the high standard requirements of customers for the computer room of the municipal traffic and patrol police and the computer room of the disaster recovery center to adapt to the data management and analysis in the massive data scene

landing on the uninhabited island in the East China Sea and escorting maritime informatization

with the development of China's shipping industry and the strengthening of the state's investment in ocean 7 inspection rules, the importance of the Maritime Safety Administration's ship monitoring system, which plays a role in ensuring the safety of ship navigation, is becoming more and more important. Among them, the ship automatic identification system AIS plays a decisive role as the nerve center of the AIS system, The computer room is affected by various harsh operating environments on the sea. In order to realize the safe and stable operation of the computer room system, we must adopt a UPS system with excellent performance, which can operate stably, safely and reliably in complex environments, and realize remote monitoring and management

at a signal station on an uninhabited island in the East China Sea, Schneider Electric successfully provided APC Mini Yingfei mobile machine room solution with netshelter CX cabinet as the carrier, helping it to build a safe and reliable neural center of AIS base station machine room. In this cooperation, Schneider Electric successfully realized the breakthrough and innovative application of UPS products in the sea based on the special conditions and needs of island computer rooms in combination with its rich experience in the computer room construction industry. This paper comes from the pipe pressure withstand test machine industry, showing its excellent technological innovation ability in the field of data center infrastructure, and providing a strong guarantee for the informatization construction of China's maritime system

layout the electromechanical system of Expressway and create an industry benchmark project

in order to further improve the modern operation management of expressway with rapid development and gradually realize the intellectualization and automation of power supply and distribution system, UPS is widely used in the electromechanical system of expressway. However, due to the wide division of integrators in the high-speed industry, the on-site requirements for equipment technology are low, resulting in more and more brands flocking to the high-speed industry market. Schneider Electric still relies on its excellent quality and brand influence to stand out from many competitors who have no such standard road projects for high-speed composite materials in a city in North China

this high-speed project bears the important road function of radiating the northwest and northeast of the city. In the planning stage, Schneider Electric has invited design institutes and integrators for technical exchange meetings for many times, and conducted field visits, providing a complete construction organization plan and optimization solutions. By providing models with wider input voltage and redundant products, Schneider Electric provides customers with reliable power supply. The successful implementation of Schneider Electric UPS power supply system in this project not only provides power guarantee for the toll stations along the whole line and provides the basis for their normal operation, but also can enhance cell adhesion and proliferation, and also plays a demonstration role for the monitoring, toll collection, power supply and distribution and tunnel system construction of the city's planned highways in the future

Ding Weiqing, senior vice president of Schneider Electric worldwide and head of it business department in Greater China, said: as an industry application expert, Schneider Electric not only has insight into customer needs, but also relies on its deep innovation heritage to serve customers in many industries such as finance, communications, interconnection and it, and is committed to providing customers with safe, efficient and reliable green data centers and key power solutions. In the future, we are willing to work with our partners to provide more reliable and efficient services for the growing demand in the era of big data

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