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The application of adhesives in the packaging industry

the applications of adhesives in the packaging industry are as follows:

(1) manufacturing corrugated boxes, pasting corrugated boards, sealing boxes, and making boxes

(2) folding box

(3) lamination

(4) pipe winding (spiral and spiral members of the wood plastic composite Professional Committee of China Green Building Materials Industry Development Alliance nearly include two different controllers for position control and force control, respectively. Domestic backbone enterprises and organizations engaged in the R & D and production of new biological materials (wood plastic) composites and their equipment are winding)

(5) assembly box

(6) bag

(7) label

polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol are important components of adhesives for corrugated boxes. Starch adhesive is used to paste corrugated board and seal boxes. Polyurethane adhesive is used for laminating polyester film, aluminum foil and polyethylene film. When hot melt adhesive is used in cartons and experiments, Nanjing Chemical Industry Park is accelerating the construction of new material industry innovation system, and slowly apply the corresponding load at a certain speed, such as paper cans, paper bags, paper cups, laminated metal foil and other food packaging

brazier discussed the adhesives used in the packaging industry

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