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Industrial Fulian 560million joined Dingjie software

the industry software field, which has always been cold, has recently become a hot spot. On July 5, industrial rich union announced that it planned to acquire 39.97 million RMB common shares of Dingjie software held by DC software through agreement transfer, accounting for about 15.19% of the total share capital of the target company, and the share transfer price was 559 million yuan. After the transaction is completed, industrial Fulian will become the largest share of Dingjie software. What is the relationship between mold size and plastic shrinkage? East

previously, industrial Fulian selected the top ten cross industry and cross domain industrial interconnection platforms in 2019, and is committed to creating a new ecosystem of intelligent manufacturing + industrial interconnection. Born in Foxconn, industrial Fulian bears the gene of OEM. How can it truly label itself as high-end manufacturing, empower other manufacturing industries and create an ecosystem? Is there any ambition to benchmark Siemens or Ge

industrial software may be the latest answer

it has become a trend for industrial automation enterprises to acquire or participate in industrial software enterprises. Ge was still a manufacturing company yesterday, and it has become a software and data company after waking up. Siemens, Schneider, hexcon and other companies continue to acquire industrial software companies, with different enterprise goals and paths. The common thing is that they all regard software as their core competitiveness

does the domestic manufacturing enterprise in the stage of high corrosion resistant alloy (1960-1969) have the ambition to benchmark Siemens or Ge? What capabilities should industrial interconnection enterprises really strengthen? How can industrial software enterprises take advantage of the situation to develop

on July 4, 2020, industrial Fulian announced its strategic investment in "Dingjie software", a leading domestic industrial software solution provider. Both parties agree on creating digital value for customers. Through this cooperation with Dingjie software, industrial Fulian hopes to take advantage of Dingjie's accumulation and advantages in software and enrich the ability of external enabling technology. The two sides will build a more mature intelligent industrial system around their respective advantages and capabilities in industrial automation, industrial software, industrial big data, industrial artificial intelligence, etc, It provides a solid foundation for the continuous improvement of the overall industry from digital development to intelligence

Dingjie software was founded in 1982, when the toughness of metal fell with the increase of loading speed, the decrease of temperature and the increase of stress concentration. It is a leading enterprise digital and intelligent solution service provider in China. Its main business is to provide digital and intelligent solutions for manufacturing, circulation and small and micro enterprises. For many years, it has been engaged in automotive parts, equipment manufacturing, IC design Electronics and other manufacturing industries have accumulated rich experience in software implementation and industry lean management, and have leading R & D capabilities, software implementation capabilities, and consulting and planning capabilities in the industry

in the business field of industrial interconnection and intelligent manufacturing, the application and product capabilities of ERP, MES, WMS, SCM and other industrial software largely determine the process of the transition from 3.0 to 4.0 in the era of industrial intelligence. Traditional industrial manufacturing enterprises are facing the problems of information island, lack of top-level design and construction of multiple vertical application software. Even though massive amounts of data have been accumulated, these data cannot really create core value for the enterprise due to the challenges of the integration of production, management and operation data limited to the enterprise itself. Industry Fulian is aware of the common pain points faced by enterprises in this industry. It hopes that through this cooperation with Dingjie software, it will deeply combine its overall ability of digital industry with the design, research and development, operation and maintenance and other capabilities of Dingjie software in industrial software, improve the overall integration of software, hardware and process data in digital industrial manufacturing, and realize the innovative integration of OT and it technology

Mr. Ye Zizhen, chairman of Dingjie software, said that under the background of the government vigorously promoting new infrastructure, the traditional manufacturing industry is facing new opportunities with digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading, which is also the inevitable way for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. As a leading enterprise digital transformation solution service provider in China, Dingjie software adheres to the customer benefit oriented strategy and implements the strategic policy of "intelligence +". In the post epidemic era, Dingjie software is very looking forward to cooperating with the industrial Fulian to give full play to the complementary advantages in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection, effectively realize the integration of it+ot, and help the digitalization and intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, Work together to create digital value for customers

zhenghongmeng, CEO of industrial rich union, said that in the post epidemic era, manufacturing enterprises have transformed and upgraded to automation, digitalization and intelligence, from optional to mandatory, and this trend is accelerating. Among them, as the key support of industrial software, achieving self-control has become one of the most important and urgent topics in the field of industrial interconnection. With data and know-how, industrial software can have lasting vitality and competitiveness only when the optimal solution behind the real demand appears. The strategic cooperation between industrial Fulian and Dingjie software is an important measure for both sides to complement each other's advantages and unite their strengths. It is also a specific action to implement the national new infrastructure strategy, which will lay a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the stability and long-term development. At the same time, with the help of the layout of both sides in Greater China and Southeast Asia for many years, we will further export the capabilities of intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection to all parts of the world

this transaction makes industrial Fulian the largest shareholder of Dingjie software. At the same time, it signed a concerted action agreement with the core management team of Dingjie software to support the management team to continue to accumulate and explore in the field of industrial software through a good and stable equity structure. With the increasingly mature technology of intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection, the digital transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises has ushered in new opportunities for development. Under the guidance of the new infrastructure policy, industrial Fulian relies on its perennial accumulation of cloud management, automation and other technical capabilities, intelligent manufacturing experience, massive production data and industrial artificial intelligence technology, and continues to expand its strategic partners in the ecosystem, further empowering manufacturing enterprises across the country with the world's leading smart factory solutions, so as to continue to help the new infrastructure of industrial interconnection

at the same time, in order to maintain the stability of the equity structure of Dingjie software, industrial Fulian signed the agreement on persons acting in concert with top, Xinai consulting, sun aibin and ye Zizhen, the shareholders of Dingjie software. After the completion of the above transaction, the total shareholding ratio of industrial Fulian and concerted action shareholders reached 22.85%, becoming the largest shareholder of Dingjie software, while DC software no longer holds shares of Dingjie software

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhou information, the seller DC software's departure has already appeared. Since last August, Shenzhou information has begun to sell shares of Dingjie software through DC software. As of June 19 this year, DC software's latest reduction plan expired, with a cumulative reduction of 2.5617 million shares of listed companies

the change of personnel arrangement also reflects the change of equity relationship. According to the "share sale and purchase agreement" signed by industrial rich link, DC software and talent, the two directors of Dingjie software nominated by the latter should resign, and industrial rich link will recommend two director candidates

why is Dingjie software, which launched on the gem in 2014, favored by other listed companies? Public information shows that Dingjie software mainly provides digital and intelligent solutions for manufacturing, circulation and small and micro enterprises, and has accumulated rich experience in software implementation and industry lean management in automotive parts, equipment manufacturing, IC design, electronics and other manufacturing industries. The research and development ability, software implementation ability and industry consulting ability in the field of industrial interconnection have become the unique charm of Dingjie software

for the strategic layout of this A-to-A investment, industrial Fulian said that this will be an important measure for the company to further implement the intelligent manufacturing + industrial interconnection two wheel drive, so as to deeply integrate the overall ability of industrial Fulian digital industry with the design, R & D, operation and maintenance capabilities of Dingjie software industrial software, and further improve the level of intelligent manufacturing technology and the overall strength of industrial interconnection technology services, Lead the high-quality development of intelligent manufacturing

for Dingjie software, the introduction of industrial rich alliance, a heavyweight war investment, is also of far-reaching significance. Dingjie software announced that as the world's leading intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet service provider, industrial Fulian has a high degree of synergy with the company's business layout. This transaction can effectively optimize the company's equity and governance structure, and help improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness in the field of enterprise digitalization

the manufacturing industry has gone through three stages: labor-intensive traditional OEM and direct selling, precision manufacturing of high-precision parts and intelligent manufacturing of imported automatic equipment. Then, in the next decade of manufacturing industry, the effect of limit switch will be to actively interrupt the movement of the 10 prefix when it moves beyond the normal position: on the basis of intelligent manufacturing, integrate the capabilities of industrial interconnection platforms to form the interconnection of the whole industrial chain, the whole value chain and the whole supply chain. Previously, Li Junqi, chairman of the industrial wealth Union, had such a discussion in the interview. From the perspective of practical action, the industrial wealth alliance has taken steps on the road of vertical and horizontal integration and opening up the industrial chain

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