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On the afternoon of August 18, Yu Weiyi, director of the industrial injury investigation bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, and Cui Hongman, director of the Information Research Institute of the Academy of mechanical information, accompanied by relevant leaders of the economic and trade commissions of Shandong Province, Weifang City and Shouguang City, went to the company to track and investigate the effect of paper anti-dumping at the regular scheduling meeting on November 27, 2017, The vice president of the company won this honor for a total of 6 research projects. Li Geng Guanglin reported the enterprise development and paper production to the research group

Director Yu Weiyi said at the meeting that the paper anti-dumping case has been subject to anti-dumping duties for 10 years. In order to grasp and understand the recovery, development and structural changes of the paper industry after the implementation of anti-dumping trade measures, objectively and scientifically evaluate the impact of trade relief measures on the paper industry, and promote the healthy development of the industry, the industrial injury investigation bureau of the Ministry of Commerce carried out the tracking and evaluation of the effect of trade relief measures on the paper industry. It is hoped that through this meeting, we can effectively understand the production status of enterprise paper and help enterprises solve practical problems

after a brief report on the company's development, Geng Guanglin, the deputy general manager of the company, focused on the paper production and operation and the company's measures and practices in environmental protection, and answered the relevant questions raised by the research group. The research team spoke highly of the company's rapid development, especially its efforts in environmental protection focusing on the development of green paper industry, and said that it would truthfully report the production and operation of the company's paper and environmental protection, and strive to solve the existing difficulties for the enterprise

the leaders of the research group also visited the paper production line of the company and the water reuse controlled by the proportional overflow valve ring ratio. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. We are brave to test and promise our customers

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