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In March, Westinghouse Electric formally filed for bankruptcy, and the glorious legend of the past ended, which made people feel very sad; Meggitt finally boarded the small and medium-sized board and achieved its listing wish; With the advent of the digital manufacturing era, abb and Schneider have launched digital solutions and digital asset management platforms respectively; It is worth noting that in this March, the industry entered the high-frequency period of new products, which was simply a lively new product launch. Siemens released the smallest SINAMICS perfect harmonic free gh180 high-voltage inverter and simotics HV C high-voltage motor, and Yaskawa electric also launched two high-voltage inverter. KOMA's lightweight and fast racer5 robot made its debut in the South China market at the Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition. Advantech and Red Lion launched new products one after another

in terms of industry, two major exhibitions in South China, namely 2017 SIAF Guangzhou automation exhibition at the beginning of the month and Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition at the end of the month, were held successively. How to cultivate automation talents facing the future? Who is the future direction based on PC control and PLC? The Bureau of statistics released the official manufacturing pmi51.8 in March, the highest in five years. How much do you know about the release of two industrial robot industry vocational skill standards? What impact will automation have on employment and market in the future? How many KUKA is Gree still short of Midea? How many grees is Midea still short of Ge

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on the morning of the 29th, due to insolvency, the former U.S. nuclear power giant officially filed for bankruptcy protection. Westinghouse Electric is a world-famous nuclear power technology service provider and environmental protection service giant. At present, nearly 50% of the commercial nuclear power plants in operation in the world and nearly 60% in the United States have adopted Westinghouse nuclear power technology. Affected by the tightening of nuclear power policies in Japan and the failure of acquisition in 2015, its host Toshiba will face an asset impairment of 712.5 billion yen (about 44.2 billion yuan). (original text reading)

12 years ago, when Tong Yongsheng increased the capital of meggitt with 5million yuan, it was still a loss making company, and even had no product direction. Last year, meggitt's sales exceeded 1.1 billion, and it has become a product supplier of well-known companies at home and abroad. In 2012, meggitt failed to make an impact on its listing. Five years later, it finally boarded the small and medium-sized board. (original reading)

on March 14, abb launched the industry-leading digital solution portfolio, abb ability, at the abb customer conference held in Houston. ABB ability digital solutions include performance management solutions for asset intensive industries, control systems for process industries, remote monitoring services for robots, motors and machinery, control solutions for buildings, electric vehicle charging networks and offshore platforms, as well as some more professional products related to data center energy management and marine fleet navigation optimization. (original reading)

recently, Schneider Electric Customer Service Department launched a new digital asset management platform, further improving the service level and upgrading the customer service experience. Adhering to the principles of safety, efficiency and optimization, Schneider Electric customer service business department is committed to ensuring the safe and reliable operation and maintenance of customer systems, software and equipment throughout their life cycle through continuously upgraded digital service experience and industry-leading service quality. (original reading)

American industrial giant Ge plans to start the sale of industrial solutions business in March this year, which is the latest move of Ge to divest non core assets. The main revenue source of the Department is the sale of circuit breakers and switchgear. This asset is valued at approximately $3billion. People familiar with the situation said that the asset sale plan has not been officially launched yet, but the company has begun to arrange consulting agencies to find potential buyers. Abb, Schneider, Eaton and Siemens are all on the list of potential buyers. (original reading)

recently, Phoenix Contact Group acquired all the shares of Albert mauell netztleittechnik Co., Ltd. in the United States to support its sustainable development strategy in the energy market. Mauell company has professional substation automation technology and sales network all over the world. Its customers are well-known transmission and distribution operators in the energy industry. The company has 80 employees. After the acquisition, the headquarters of the company will still be located in Albert, the United States. (original reading)

on March 20, Huawei announced at CeBIT 2017 (Hannover consumer electronics, information and Communication Expo), the world's largest ICT technology exhibition, that it had reached a cooperation with Honeywell to provide intelligent building solutions worldwide. Based on the latest IOT technology, the scheme aims to create a greener, safer and more efficient building environment. (original reading)

Ge and Harbin Electric Power Group signed an agreement to establish a joint venture in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, focusing on the manufacturing of gas turbines and parts. The registered capital of the new company is 667million yuan, with 50% shares held by both parties. Harbin electric power will contribute 333.5 million yuan in cash. The main purpose of establishing the joint venture is to strengthen economic cooperation and seek in-depth strategic cooperation in the field of heavy-duty gas turbine combined cycle power generation. (original text reading)

on March 16, Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. held the 2017 Yaskawa technology infinite possibility new product conference of Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd., and launched the industrial general-purpose high-performance frequency converter ga700 and the special high-performance frequency converter ch700 for lifting. (original text reading)

on March 31, Siemens released a new series of SINAMICS perfect harmonic free gh180 high voltage inverter in the Chinese market. It is widely used in mining, steel, cement, power, water and water treatment industries, and is used in reconstruction and new projects. It is reported that this is the smallest high-voltage inverter in the market, which is more than 40% lower than similar inverters, effectively saving initial investment. (original reading)

on March 29, Comau took the latest robot products and application technologies to the 18th Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition (SIMM 2017). At the exhibition, KOMA Comau exhibited the newly launched robot product racer5, which is light and fast and leads the industry, for the first time in South China. Another unique product of KOMA Comau, rebel-s level multi joint robot, which is a one to five product, also appeared brightly. (original reading)

following the launch of IOT customs in 2016, Advantech has integrated more software modules and services to further launch IOT edge intelligent server series. Advantech IOT edge intelligent server (EIS) provides integrated solutions including embedded computers, wise PAAS software packages, IOT development tools and pre configured cloud services, and can flexibly add more software modules through the wise PAAS marketplace to help build and start IOT innovation applications, and provide easy integrated solutions to accelerate the implementation of IOT. (original reading)

on March 22, Red Lion control company of the United States launched a new graphite edge controller today. The new industrial controller is compact and durable. It not only has powerful i/o port expansion ability, network connection, data visualization and control functions in line with IEC 61131 industrial standard, but also takes up a small space and is very easy to deploy. (original reading)

at the medica medical exhibition held in Germany last November, KUKA showed their light robot LBR Med, which can assist people in surgery or medical rehabilitation. At the exhibition at that time, LBR Med really made people look forward to it. Recently, KUKA announced that KUKA LBR Med robot will be put into mass production in spring 2017. (original reading)

it is reported that the first domestic precision cycloid pinwheel reducer with completely independent intellectual property rights, developed by Harbin Institute of technology robot group, will be put into production recently. Therefore, the former high-precision instrument has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time, and the success of independent research and development will significantly reduce the overall cost of China's industrial robots. (original text reading)

simotics HV C high voltage motor with innovative design concept released by Siemens. Simotics HV C is a new high-voltage motor series with compact structure, which can be widely used in applications requiring jacket cooling or ex D IIB flameproof enclosure. Simotics HV C series motors are designed to ensure high performance and reliability even under extreme conditions. (original reading)

we are in a great era, and the cross-border integration of our future talents is very important. I think there will be more opportunities and challenges in front of us. Both enterprises and individuals should have a way to follow the trend of the times to move forward. In fact, our industry is now facing a problem: enterprises can't find the right employees and students can't find the right jobs. The connection between these two aspects is problematic. (original reading)

on March 31, the official PMI in March released by the National Bureau of statistics recorded 51.8%, an increase of 0.2 percentage points over the previous month, higher than the boom and bust line for eight consecutive months. China's official manufacturing PMI in March rose to the highest since April 2012, a new high in nearly five years. In addition, China's official non manufacturing PMI recorded 55.1% in March, far ahead of the value of 54.2%. (original reading)

as a big exhibition at the beginning of the year, insiders will inevitably compare it with the Industrial Expo at the end of the year. Compared with the Industrial Expo, where exhibitors and exhibits are more extensive, South China and the Pearl River Delta region are concentrated in traditional small and medium-sized manufacturing and processing enterprises such as textiles and electronics, driven by the policy of transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries led by Dongguan and Shenzhen, and the great changes in industrial intelligence, the localization characteristics of participating enterprises are still relatively obvious. The five highlights will take you to know what is on this year's SIAF exhibition. (original reading)

we talk about the integration of industry and informatization. If the industrial system is complete, what are we missing? Lack of soul, what is soul? Industrial software. On the 18th, the inaugural meeting and Summit Forum of the China manufacturing enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship development alliance was held in Beijing. Ning Zhenbo, chief consultant of the information technology center of AVIC, pointed out at the forum that without high-end industrial software, made in China 2025 is just a dream. (original reading)

General Manager beifuliang believes that based on PC control technology, the first thing is good openness. Any industrial computer or home computer, or even laptop, installed with TwinCAT, will become an industrial controller, which is very open and independent of manufacturers. Its operating system, windows, is also very open. Dr. Xiao believes that in the future, there is no complete set of price and it is relatively expensive. PC Yizheng Chemical fiber 0.8d bright sewing thread has been industrialized. It is really different from PLC, and it is integrated. (original reading)

Gree didn't win Yinlong. Finally, the eldest sister organized a group to buy Yinlong, which exploded the circle of friends. Look at Meidi next door, which costs 30billion yuan a year. In terms of amount, Midea's 27billion yuan is far from the largest overseas shopping of Chinese enterprises, and the size of KUKA can't be compared with the Ge home appliances bought by Haier. Why has KUKA attracted extensive and continuous attention from the global media? Because it is no longer the high-quality assets that others have eliminated, but the high-quality assets that Germans try to keep. (original text reading)

on March 14, the release of industrial robot industry vocational skill standards and the launching conference of industrial robot competition were held in Wuhan Huazhong University of science and technology. The vocational skill standards of "industrial robot decoration and maintenance workers" and "industrial robot operation and adjustment workers" organized by the machinery industry vocational skill appraisal and guidance center were officially released. According to the standard requirements, "industrial robot decoration and maintenance workers" is mainly for robot production enterprises; "Industrial robot operation and adjustment" is mainly for robot application enterprises

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