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Industry experts talk about craftsmanship spirit: determine the quality of "made in China 2025"

industry experts talk about craftsmanship spirit: determine the quality of "made in China 2025"

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what is the difference between China's "craftsmanship spirit"? On the 19th, at the 11th China Changzhou advanced manufacturing technology exhibition, experts from many fields mentioned the "craftsman spirit" in their respective thematic forums, believing that the "craftsman spirit" determines the quality of "made in China 2025"

"by 2025, in daily life, people are more willing to use products made in China, and products provided by China should be synonymous with 'high quality'." Chen Xiaoming, director of the machinery industry education development center, described the vision of the "made in China 2025" plan. Here, he attended the "2016 Changzhou mold Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Summit Forum". In his speech, he used the "national backbone" to advocate the industry to reshape the "craftsman spirit"

Chen Xiaoming said that Japan's technical level is not as good as Germany's, but their accuracy in implementing industry standards is very high. This maintenance of standards has brewed Japan's "craftsman spirit". "In the machinery manufacturing industry, as long as there are international products, we can actually do them carefully and do them very well, but mass production cannot maintain the overall high level, which is our lack of 'craftsman spirit'."

wuzhixin, deputy director of China Automotive Technology Research Center, talked about "made in China 20 these frustrating data on plastic recycling inspired Coates to seek better ways to recycle plastic 2b. compare the results obtained with other methods; 5" the development of new energy vehicle industry also showed such anxiety. Wu Zhixin attended the "2016 Fourth International Symposium on Evaluation of electric vehicles and key components" in Changzhou. In an interview, he said, "The indicators of our domestic single battery are not inferior to those of foreign advanced products, but there are often problems in the battery system used in new energy vehicles. The design of this battery system is not difficult. The reason for the problem is the lack of 'craftsman spirit with high production efficiency'."

"now many young people are unwilling to work in the front line of the industry", which makes Chen Xiaoming very worried. "In the past two years, the enrollment of electromechanical majors in higher vocational colleges has continued to decline. The majors in other front-line industries are roughly the same." Chen Xiaoming said, "the machinery industry accounts for one fifth of the whole industry of our country. This industry needs 1.2 million skilled workers every year, nearly 80% of which come from vocational colleges. If there are no front-line industrial workers, how to cultivate 'craftsman' and how to mention 'craftsman spirit'."

in response to the "made in China 2025" plan, Chen Xiaoming said that he plans to spend three years to adjust and optimize the majors of electromechanical engineering in all colleges and universities. "About 30% of the majors will be cancelled and merged, and some majors will be added at the same time. The purpose is to be more conducive to cultivating 'craftsmen'."

in the "made in China 2025" plan, the quality of various industries depends on "craftsman spirit", which has become the consensus of many industry authoritative experts. It is hoped that higher vocational colleges will also cultivate "craftsman spirit" when carrying out school enterprise cooperation

here, the "Master Studio of mold industry" held the unveiling ceremony at Changzhou electromechanical vocational and technical college. Professor zhouxionghui of Shanghai Jiaotong University said that the level of mold industry is an important symbol to measure the level of a country's manufacturing industry, and it is also an important condition for a country's industrial products to maintain international competitiveness. Advocating "craftsman spirit" in this industry determines the level of the whole industry

"we should not raise the 'craftsman spirit' but let the 'craftsman spirit' fall to the ground." Chen Xiaoming said: "A good craftsman needs nurturing, time accumulation, and an atmosphere recognized by the whole society. Building China's' craftsman spirit 'requires top-level system design, and supportive policies should be issued for the training of artisans. All testing laboratories must calibrate their testing equipment and give subsidies. Only by actively involving education departments and enterprises in this matter can we truly achieve China's' craftsman spirit'."

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