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Industry demand led to 2006 Lihua international color box exhibition

in 2004, China's domestic retail consumer goods of more than 400 billion yuan and export commodities of nearly 500 billion US dollars needed packaging and printing support, and the demand for various high-end packaging and printing continued to expand, driven by it, The demand for various high-end special printing machines rich in the latest scientific and technological achievements, such as flexographic printing machines, offset printing machines, gravure printing production lines, full-automatic bronzing machines, die cutting machines, folding machines, box pasting machines, and digital printing production lines integrating CTP plate making technology and printing machine technology, has increased significantly. In this context, how equipment suppliers can establish UTM experimental machines that can also be used for crushing experimental channels of injection molding products of any shape, such as bottles, in order to facilitate equipment sales to meet a large number of market demand, has become an urgent problem for major equipment manufacturing enterprises. China's printing and packaging market is vast, and the regional market differences are large. These characteristics make it take a long time and a lot of costs for suppliers to develop a new regional market, which undoubtedly brings inconvenience to suppliers to develop new regional markets. By participating in professional exhibitions for regional markets, we can help equipment suppliers carry out market promotion

"2006 Lihua international color box Exhibition" is a new exhibition mode conceived by Lihua international in view of the vastness of China's printing and packaging market and the characteristics of the vastness of the industry market and regional market differences. Aiming at the South China market, it emphasizes clear goals and strong pertinence. It directly affects local needs and cooperates with equipment suppliers to complete the strategic layout of their own development. For example, the sales revenue of the packaging industry in Guangdong Province reached 65.76 billion yuan (2003), ranking first in the country, which is promising for equipment suppliers. "2006 Lihua international color box Exhibition" provides equipment suppliers with a good opportunity to show their enterprise style and explore the market in South China, and it can also save a lot of considerable marketing and publicity costs

in general, by participating in the "2006 Lihua international color box Exhibition", suppliers can gain the following advantages:

expand new business - expand and expand business scope according to the local market demand characteristics in South China

show new products - show the newly developed new products of the enterprise in front of the major color box enterprises at the first time. 2. Experimental formula to reduce the negative impact of "time difference"

understand the demand trend - go deep into the front line of the South China market, get first-hand information, and understand the most real local market demand

corporate image maintenance --- establish and maintain a good corporate image in the South China market through direct contact with color box enterprises

serve existing customers --- communicate face-to-face with existing customers, understand users' needs, and consult users' suggestions, creating favorable conditions for future customer service work

looking for agents/distributors --- going deep into the South China market, making field visits and negotiating agents or distributors

in addition, the major color box enterprises that come to watch the exhibition also have many advantages, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

suppliers will display equipment and technology that meet the regional market for the South China market, so they can better meet the needs of the South China market

"2006 Lihua international color box Exhibition" is very targeted, which is more conducive to the color box enterprises to choose the most suitable among the many products that meet their requirements in combination with their own needs

it can reflect the actual production process of the equipment to the suppliers of the original equipment, obtain technical support, and discuss the expansion and optimization of relevant equipment with the equipment suppliers at the same time

the preferential conditions for visiting the exhibition proposed by the organizer of "2006 Lihua international color box Exhibition" have greatly reduced the visiting cost of color box enterprises, and in a limited time, more relevant principals of enterprises that do not need human intervention can participate in the exhibition

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