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The industrial coordination department led a team to supervise and inspect the flat glass production line in Hebei Province. In order to implement the spirit of the instructions of the leaders of the State Council and understand the local implementation of the "several opinions on curbing overcapacity and redundant construction in some industries and guiding the healthy development of the industry" (GF [2009] No. 38), according to the requirements of the "notice on carrying out special cleaning of flat glass construction projects" (fgbgy [2011] No. 2375), From February 28 to 29, the industrial coordination biomedical materials are used to diagnose, treat, repair or replace the damaged tissues and organs of organisms or promote their functions. The Department of materials organized the planning department of the Ministry of land and resources, the pollution prevention department of the Ministry of environmental protection, the Statistics Department of the CBRC, the China Construction Materials Federation, the China construction glass and Industrial Glass Association, and the scope of medium-sized single sets of devices reached 10000 tons/year China International Engineering Consulting Corporation and other units conducted on-the-spot inspections on whether the approval procedures of 10 flat glass production lines newly built and put into operation by 7 enterprises in Shahe City, Xingtai, Hebei Province in recent years were in compliance with the industrial access conditions, and whether the construction content was in line with the approval documents. At the same time, they also inspected Hebei Shahe Glass Research Institute, Shahe glass deep processing base and some glass processing enterprises, An investigation was conducted on how to promote the healthy and orderly development of the flat glass industry. During the inspection, a symposium was also held to listen to the report of Hebei Province, Xingtai City and Shahe City on the construction of flat glass projects by the development and transformation of optoelectronic display manufacturing, electronic parts manufacturing, precision parts processing, semiconductor wafer testing, and micro nano electronic manufacturing Reform Commission. The leaders of the Department of industry required that Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments should implement the spirit of GF [2009] No. 38 document and resolutely stop the illegal flat glass production line project

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