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The cable on the construction site was stolen, the door lock was not damaged, and the suspect did not arouse any suspicion at the scene. What's going on? Yesterday, Siming Criminal Investigation Brigade reported the case

the suspect was caught by the police


cable theft at several construction sites

theft techniques become a mystery

last August, the decoration site of an office building on Hexiang West Road was stolen, and cables of a well-known brand in Fujian were stolen. After receiving the alarm, the police of the theft crime investigation squadron of Siming criminal investigation brigade rushed to the scene for investigation

according to common sense, at the scene of general theft cases, there will be traces of prying and digging of doors and windows, but the door and window locks at this construction site are intact

is the suspect stealing after unlocking? But why is the cable stolen? Even if it is a well-known brand cable, the value will not be too high. Since the suspect has such means, why not choose a higher value target

the police visited the scene and found few valuable clues. The suspect seemed to come quietly and leave quietly with the cable, which did not arouse anyone's suspicion, and the theft method became a mystery

since August, Siming police have received a number of theft alarms at the construction site. The stolen items are cables, and the door and window locks have not been damaged. The police have connected the cases and gradually found the suspects from the fragmented clues

the police found that the suspect was actually a decorator with a criminal record of drug abuse

arresting the

suspect is actually a decorator

using “ Back door ” Theft

on January 28 this year, the theft crime investigation squadron of Siming Criminal Investigation Brigade ambushed and waited for several days, and arrested the suspect in a rental house in Houpu. After examination, the suspect's name is Zhang moulong, 30 years old, from Nanjing. As he was caught, the mystery was solved

according to the police investigation, Zhang moulong had a criminal record of drug abuse and had been decorating the construction site with his brother before. Later, his brother went to other places, and Zhang moulong stayed in Xiamen and continued to work with other foremen, but “ Fishing for three days and drying the net for two days &rdquo

Zhang moulong himself is a decorator. He knows that most landlords will leave a pair of keys to decorators, but decoration is divided into different types of work, such as muddy water, carpentry, water and electricity. For the convenience of others, this pair of keys is usually hidden in the corner of carpets, flower pots and fire hydrants &mdash& mdash; This is equivalent to the “ Back door ” Procedure. Zhang moulong uses this “ Back door ”, Easily enter the construction site to steal cables, lock the doors and windows when coming out, and put the key back. He is usually dressed up as a decorator and will not attract other people's attention when entering and leaving the construction site. After stealing the cable, Zhang moulong sold the cable at a low price on the roadside, and the money he obtained was used for daily expenses and drug abuse

at present, Zhang moulong has been detained by the police on suspicion of five theft cases, and the case is under investigation



it is best to deposit in the bank

towards the end of the year, the theft crime investigation squadron of Siming Criminal Investigation Brigade has launched a special action. Since January 1, 15 suspects have been arrested, 14 of them have been arrested, more than 60 burglary cases have been cracked, and more than 200000 yuan of stolen money has been seized, a decrease of 30.89% year-on-year in such cases

captain gongchanghui of the squadron analyzed that according to the experience of previous years, there are two kinds of alarm situations: window climbing and door breaking burglary at the end of the year: window climbing burglary mostly occurs at night, mainly because the balcony door or window in the community is not closed, and the suspect takes advantage of it; Burglary by breaking the door mostly occurs during the working hours during the day, mainly in the old urban areas and the urban-rural junction. The suspects steal when no one is at home during working hours. Many migrant workers return to their hometown during the Spring Festival, and their temporary residences are also easy to be stolen

judging from the stolen items in previous years, the suspects are more “ Interest ”. Gongchanghui reminded that valuables such as cash and gold and silver ware had better be deposited in the bank to avoid theft





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