Autumn night in the noisy city, I closed a Kangyin

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The temperature gradually cools

the breath of autumn comes

get up slightly

stand in front of the window

look at the leaves outside the window

fall down like a golden butterfly

autumn night

through the window in front of you

look up at the stars in the sky

look at the darkness of the night sky

connect the fragments of childhood naive dreams

how I want to have a white cloud

ride gently across the sky

No one can trace my footprints

used to

define the scenery outside the sliding door as their own heaven and earth

listening to

the joy floating in the memory of childhood

how many words are used in front of the window to reveal their own words

recording their every pain and joy

like standing alone in front of the sliding door

quietly staying

or looking far away

. or think about it

enjoy it quietly

Stay away from the miscellaneous

guard the peace you strive for

enjoy the warmth and tranquility reserved

sit in front of the window

watch midnight

sometimes stars and moon

sometimes sound of wind and rain

sometimes light snowflakes

sometimes bursts of thunder


summer agitation

autumn depression

peace in winter

going to bed

enjoying the gaze of the window

I Little care

waiting all night

a little tiredness emerges in my heart

unconscious emergence

close my eyes

fall asleep





Copyright © 2011 JIN SHI