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At present, the quality of furniture in the market is uneven, so you should pay special attention when choosing furniture, and you can't be fascinated by the appearance of furniture. Therefore, when choosing furniture, you can go to furniture stores to understand clearly, and shop around, so it's not easy to be cheated when choosing furniture. Then, let's introduce the precautions for choosing furniture

first look: the material of furniture should be environmentally friendly

choose environmentally friendly materials when purchasing furniture. Furniture can be divided into panel furniture, fabric furniture, solid wood furniture, etc. no matter what kind of material it is, the primary guarantee must be health. Therefore, you can check whether there is a relevant quality inspection report at the time of purchase

second smell: the smell cannot stimulate

smell whether the furniture has pungent smell. If it is pungent once, you need to pay attention. The more irritating the taste is, the higher the meaning of formaldehyde may exist. Be careful to buy

three touch: paint should be smooth

it also depends on the paint of furniture. Paint is also harmful to human body. You can touch it with your hand to see whether the paint is smooth and whether it will fall off. Generally, furniture with good quality is very good in painting

four observations: the four feet are flat

to see whether the four feet of the furniture are flat, you can sit on it and try it first to see whether it will make a sound. If there is a sound, it indicates that the furniture quality is faulty and not firm

five inspections: the water content is the same as that of the local area

depending on the water content of furniture, furniture with high water content is prone to cracking, deformation, fragmentation and other phenomena, so it is best to choose manufacturers with good drying technology when purchasing

six Views: whether the edge banding is flat

when purchasing furniture, you can see whether the edge banding is flat. Generally, the nail holes are sealed. If there are nails bulging, it indicates that the quality is not good. Therefore, whether the edge banding is flat is also an important factor to investigate the manufacturers. Manufacturers with poor quality use manual edge banding. If the quality of the plate is still too poor in precision sawing, there are gaps in the plate edge banding, so special attention should be paid to when purchasing

editor's summary: here are the precautions for choosing furniture. For more information, you can follow the information




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