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Every shape, craft and carving of Tucson's overall woodwork are the perfect presentation of design and craft. The low-key colors outline a full home space

Tucson's overall woodwork shows a flexible sense of beauty and elegance

constantly stimulating our senses

coming is the spark of life ignited by infinite vitality

and fashion charm

what awakens people's hearts is the strong desire for a healthy, fashionable and comfortable life

? Atmospheric space, grey blue tone, elegant collocation,

? The exquisite details make up a warm and interesting home space

entrance hall

the curved shaped pass, the elegant shaped Roman column, and the interpretation of Baroque style create a holy and elegant aristocratic style from the visual atmosphere

the grey blue tone, the novel Tucson wood finish, the romantic fashion home, the perfect collocation, without publicity, has always been kept in a low-key state, but shows a noble aura that cannot be ignored

living room

the open living room adopts symmetrical wood modeling and luxurious sofa, which will erupt the sense of calm and gorgeous, making the whole space more mysterious and lofty

the long restaurant built by Tucson can not only deduce elegance, but also create elegance

the long restaurant

continues the non dull style of the living room, coupled with the practicality of modern metal and glass materials, which is concise and full of rhythm, and the mild and quiet atmosphere attracts people to chase

the round restaurant blends modern desire and classical feelings into a noble and elegant posture, showing a chic and attractive modern style in the extreme luxury

Garden Restaurant

the drapery with full falling feeling is located in front of the spacious floor to ceiling window, equipped with romantic and elegant modeling wood veneer, while continuing the traditional classical charm and free romantic charm

Tucson Roman column pass, molded wood veneer and decorative cabinet are combined to show a new aesthetic feeling of transparent and exquisite art and fashion charm


every shape, process and carving on Tucson's overall woodwork are the perfect presentation of design and process, and the low-key colors outline a full home space

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