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The overall kitchen cabinet has triggered a new trend in kitchen and bathroom, becoming a new hot spot in modern home furnishings, and the demand of consumers is rising day by day. The overall kitchen cabinet is composed of four parts, including cabinet body, door panel, countertop and hardware

the overall kitchen cabinet has triggered a new trend in kitchen and bathroom, becoming a new hotspot in modern home furnishings, and the demand of consumers is rising day by day. The overall kitchen cabinet is composed of four parts, including cabinet body, door panel, countertop and hardware

Sino Italian quartz stone cabinet table vantage integral cabinet

inspection method of integral kitchen cabinet installation:

1 Quartz stone countertop: first, check whether the color is the selected color. Second, use a hard weapon to test the effect on the countertop; Another point is whether the table interface is thin. Don't connect the middle line is very thick. The thinner the better

2. After the installation of the floor cabinet and the hanging cabinet, shake it hard to see whether it is loose and whether the installation is firmly connected

the floor cabinet should be shaken before the table is installed. There is a level ruler on the construction and installation site. After the floor cabinet is installed, you can use the level ruler to measure whether a row of floor cabinets are horizontal and do not install them into a slope. The quartz stone table top is 15mm thick. If the plate is free, it is best to pad a whole 16mm moisture-proof board (or large core board) under the table top

3. After the table is installed, the rear water baffle will be coated with white glass glue. You need to see whether the white (mold proof) glass glue is of good quality. Poor glass glue doesn't look very slippery, while good glass glue looks as slippery as (jelly). This is a metaphor

4. The bottom plate of the water basin cabinet should have a waterproof aluminum berth. After the installation of the water basin cabinet, transparent glass glue should be applied to the internal gap of the water basin cabinet to strengthen waterproof. Remember to use transparent glass glue. If white glass glue is exposed to water for a long time, it will cause enzyme. The same is true for the countertop, so use good white glass glue

5. Last time, it was said that the water basin should be filled with water to test whether there is water leakage. The most important thing is that the connecting pipe under the water basin should be connected well. (in the future, when you use it, you should also pay attention to washing vegetables or other things. Don't wash away the residual impurities (with large particles) in the water basin. After a long time, the large residual impurities will remain in the water basin and cannot be discharged. This is a common problem in use, because the sewer pipe is so large, and the impurities left for a long time will cause enzymes, Block the water

6. You should carefully look at the front and back of each door panel to see if there are scratches or inconsistent colors

7. The door hinge with 6 screw holes is the best one. When installing, you can have a look. After installation, you can also grasp the door and shake it to see if it is loose. If the screw is not tightened, the door will loosen or fall down after a long time. You can learn from the Masters how to adjust the door hinge on the site, which will be useful for you in the future. It is also a normal phenomenon that the door will fall down after loosening in a few years. So you just need to learn how to install door panels and adjust door hinges. It's also very simple. You can learn it in a few minutes. It can be done with a screwdriver

8. After all the doors are installed, you can check whether all the doors are installed flush. Don't install them unevenly and ugly. Whether the handle is loose

9. The upper and lower, front and rear, left and right seams of the door panel and drawer surface should also be uniform. The middle gap is about 3mm > 3mm is too big to look at

10. Judging whether the installation of a set of cabinets is qualified mainly depends on two aspects, namely, edge banding and seams. Edges include: cabinet edge, door panel edge, and table edge

joints include: cabinet joints, door joints, table top and cabinet joints, table top and wall joints, as well as table top and stove, sink joints, etc

11. The range hood shall be installed horizontally and firmly fixed on the wall or connecting plate without loosening or shaking; The middle distance between the bottom of the cigarette machine and the table is 700mm, which will affect the smoking effect if it is too high

12. Safety is very important. Therefore, all drawers and baskets should be pulled freely without blocking, and the exposed sharp corners of all cabinets must be blunt. The metal parts should be sanded at the touchable position, and burrs and sharp corners are not allowed

13. The hanging cabinet and bottom cabinet should be relatively horizontal, and the plate has no edge jumping and corner falling. Open the cabinet door and put your head in it to smell if there is any smell. Poor board tastes very strong

14. Civilized construction should be emphasized on the regular installation site. Clean the site and remove sundries before construction; During the construction, we should also pay attention to the protection of products and the site, clean up the garbage in time, do not let sawdust and smoke fly all over the sky, and do not open the customer's range hood to extract smoke; After the final installation, the sawdust and dust in the cabinet shall be cleaned, and then the appearance and table surface of the cabinet shall be cleaned. Finally, the site shall be cleaned, and the packaging and garbage left after construction shall be collected and taken away

15. Finally, plug in the power supply to test the electrical appliances to see whether they work normally, and then see whether there are scratches on the surface, whether it is a prototype, whether the model is the style you choose, and there are no big problems. The most important thing is that all electrical appliances can't be loose after installation (they should also be installed horizontally), especially the smoke machine. If they are loose, they will fall down, and the consequences are serious. The installation of the disinfection cabinet is loose, but also not. See whether the screws on both sides of the disinfection cabinet are locked, there are four screws in total, 30-35mm long screw. The installation of the furnace head can be loosened, because it needs to be put in and out, and the furnace hole cannot be opened too large (the actual opening is 655*355, which can be plus or minus 10-15mm). Too loose is inconvenient for future operation

16. The door panel of the furnace head cabinet should be equipped with air holes. It is better to make 4 explosion screws for each crane than to install 2 hanging yards





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