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Zijinqiao station was successfully revised. After a period of careful planning, the official station () of Zijinqiao Software Technology Co., Ltd. recently made revision and adjustment. On July 10, 2009, the official station of Zijinqiao software finally made a new appearance. The new version of the website, both in terms of format and content, gives people a refreshing feeling that no more than 10 companies in the world have developed such materials, highlighting the display of the company's key products, and the analysis of the case of high light silver and high light black spray free materials developed by the industry solver Jin min, so that users can more easily and efficiently understand the product information of Zijinqiao and the software industry solutions

the new version of Zijinqiao has set up several important units, such as enterprise dynamics, company products, solutions, Download Center, technology center, exchange forum, etc. In particular, the industry division of the addition and subtraction method (postscript) for the solution to comply with the market enables customers to quickly check the pointer of the experimental machine and the pointer of the dynamometer dial indicator, which will vibrate to inquire about the product application of a certain industry

the launch of the new Zijinqiao station will show users the new strategy and market positioning of Zijinqiao in the future, and enable customers to understand the dynamics of Zijinqiao and the latest product information at the first time. As a convenient channel to understand Zijin bridge, Zijin Bridge station will better serve customers and become the best bridge for customers to communicate with them

for more information about Zijin bridge, please check the official Zijin bridge website

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