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Zibo: luxury packaging has no trace of tying

how about the pre holiday food market? Yesterday, Zhangdian industry and Commerce of Zibo raided the festival market and followed the on-site inspection of law enforcement officers. It was found that there were basically no major problems in the food quality of all large shopping malls and supermarkets. In the past, there were illegal acts such as high packaging costs and tying in other goods. This year, all of them disappeared. Only a few supermarkets had minor problems in labeling and storage of goods due to loopholes in management

"daoxiangyuan" moon cake was not marked with the production date. In a supermarket on Huaguang Road, Zhangdian, law enforcement officers found that a kind of mung bean crispy cake produced by Yangzhou Jinrun Food Co., Ltd. was marked with the industry standard despite the standardized production date and shelf life on the package. On the "hundred year crisp moon" moon cake cabinet produced by Tai'an Branch of Jinan daoxiangyuan food in the market share of Shangpin Co., Ltd., law enforcement officers found that some of the moon cake packages of this brand were marked with the production date, and some were not marked

"sugar free signboard" is a bit of a misnomer. In front of the Alfa moon cake cabinet of another brand, the law enforcement officers found that there was a big signboard of "sugar free moon cake" on it. After careful inspection, the law enforcement officers found that although the package of the brand moon cake was clearly marked with "sugar free", its production raw materials were marked with "maltitol". The law enforcement personnel immediately asked the service personnel to remove the "sugar free moon cake" sign

the local "Xiaotiantian" dressed in foreign clothes at the underground supermarket of a shopping mall on Jinjing Avenue, Zhangdian. A kind of moon cake named "Xiaotiantian" was not marked with the production date on the package, nor was it stored and sold according to the storage requirements on the package of "cold storage for 5 degrees". Instead, it was directly placed on the container of common bulk food. Seeing the measurement results that would seriously affect the equipment, the law enforcement personnel found a problem. A service personnel immediately came to explain: "this kind of moon cake is made on site by us. Qingdao Tiantian Food Co., Ltd. has set up a special Western cake house here. These moon cakes were only produced this morning, but the most commonly used packaging is the static load indentation hardness test, which uses the packaging bags of Qingdao manufacturers." After the law enforcement officers checked the Western cake house, I thought I had found a way. Although the company made mooncakes on site, its packaging bag did not indicate that the manufacturer was Zibo, but still marked with the name, address and of Qingdao. This did not comply with the relevant regulations, and it should be rectified immediately

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