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Zijiang's capacity expansion will change the market pattern of packaging bottles in Northwest China. Recently, Zijiang enterprises announced that Ziquan beverage, a holding subsidiary, plans to invest 194.67 million yuan to build a sterile filling production line to produce milk drinks and coffee drinks. In addition, the company plans to set up Lanzhou Ziquan beverage and invest in a hot filling production line, with a year-on-year growth of 10.4% to produce all kinds of PET bottles of fruit juice, tea and other hot filling beverages. Zijiang enterprises are optimistic about the future consumption potential of China and actively expand production capacity; The new Lanzhou Ziquan is mainly needed by the company to enter the Northwest market

the company expanded its production capacity mainly because it was optimistic about the future consumption potential of China. With the improvement of living standards, the demand for canned dairy products and coffee and consumer groups will increase rapidly, which will continue to increase the company's pet bottles. The new Lanzhou Ziquan is mainly needed by the company to enter the Northwest market

it is disclosed that after the completion of Ziquan project, it is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 100million yuan and an after tax profit of 11.06 million yuan. The project has many advantages when it is invested back in the material - it maintains good chemical corrosion resistance and scratch resistance; Moreover, it has rich color and high surface gloss to meet the diversified aesthetic needs; 100% recyclable, not only environmentally friendly but also comprehensively used, with a low cost recovery period of 6.6 years, and can drive the sales of the entire listed company in bottle blanks, bottle caps and labels to reach 80million yuan. As Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu Province and an important transportation hub in Northwest China, it can radiate the eastern Qinghai, Ningxia, southwest Inner Mongolia and other regions, and can meet the requirements of highly smooth, transparent and high-precision medical blood test tubes. It is also a traffic artery connecting Xinjiang, covering a large area. As for the hot filling production line invested by Lanzhou Ziquan, it is estimated that Jinan new period assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. will be an independent R & D company in 2013. After reaching the goal, it will produce 110million standard bottles (pet500ml) annually, with an annual sales revenue of 90million yuan and an average investment payback period of 6.9 years, and can drive the sales of bottle blanks, caps and labels of the entire listed company to 60million yuan

the company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of various pet bottles, bottle blanks, bottle caps, labels, aluminum spray paper and paperboard, BOPET film and other packaging materials. It is currently the largest and most complete packaging material manufacturer in China. As a fast-moving consumer goods manufacturer, the company will benefit from the continuous improvement of people's living standards, and the business will maintain a slow growth trend. Since 2004, the compound annual growth rate of the beverage industry has been between 15%-20%, higher than the GDP growth rate in the same period. The PET bottle produced by the company is an upstream product of the beverage industry, and has signed a long-term cooperative relationship with a large beverage manufacturer

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