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Zoomlion: 3200t crawler crane won the bid again for nuclear power project

Zoomlion: 3200t crawler crane won the bid again for nuclear power project

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"heavy crawler crane project of Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power phase I project" was opened in Yiyang, and Zoomlion 3200t crawler crane won the bid successfully

it is reported that this equipment is the single product with the largest value sold by Zoomlion so far, and it is also the second 3200 ton crawler crane that Zoomlion assists the nuclear power industry

Taohuajiang nuclear power project is an independent supporting project for China to introduce the third generation pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology. It adopts the AP1000 reactor type of the third generation nuclear power technology introduced from China, with a planned capacity of 4 × 1250MW pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit, phase I construction 2 × A bolt is used between 1250 rear attachment and stress frame to connect MW pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit

3200t crawler crane is directionally developed for the construction of China's third-generation nuclear power. It is one of the super large tonnage mobile cranes with the strongest lifting performance and the most advanced technical level in the world. It is also the 3000 ton crawler crane product mentioned in China as the earliest to go offline, complete all tests and reach the marketable state. As an extremely complex major equipment, zcc3200np crawler crane is a perfect combination of large steel structure design and manufacturing technology, hydraulic control technology, engine control technology, modern electronic technology and network control technology

the product has more than 50 related independent intellectual property rights and more than 20 invention patents. Among them, the power unit and its control method won the 2012 national invention patent gold award. "Double car structure mode, flexible connection device and other series of related core technologies have broken through the design bottleneck of domestic heavy crawler crane, and have also greatly promoted the development of industry technology. Therefore, the product has won the" 2011 China Construction machinery annual product Top50 Technology Innovation Award "

this marriage with Hunan Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. demonstrates the strong lifting performance of Zoomlion super tonnage crawler crane and the excellent product graphene based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating. It has passed the 5000 hour salt spray test, 2000 hour 5%h2so4 resistance and 2000 hour 5%nacl immersion resistance and other third-party inspection and test quality, which once again proves the performance, safety and The reliability is fully qualified for the construction in the nuclear power field

the first 3200 ton crawler crane has made an amazing appearance in Tianwan nuclear power plant, successfully completed the hoisting of the world's heaviest nuclear power dome at one time, its outstanding performance in operation is amazing, has had a significant impact in the industry, and has realized the first successful application of Zoomlion's largest tonnage Mobile crane in the field of nuclear power, marking that Zoomlion has the design and manufacturing capacity of heavy crawler cranes for nuclear power. At present, the equipment has been transferred to Shandong for the second operation. The equipment operates stably and is highly recognized by industry customers

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