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Zibo no good decoration company's new house with low-quality paint smells pungent

Zibo no good decoration company's new house with low-quality paint smells pungent

May 14, 2013

[China paint information] Ms. Liu, from the third community of Zichuan City, Zibo City, has been busy with the decoration of her new house recently, but what makes her feel strange is that after the wall has been painted twice, she began to have a strong pungent smell. In order to protect the environment and health, Ms. Liu and the decoration company had orally agreed to use "Nippon Paint". The pungent smell emitted from her home made Ms. Liu suspicious. After unsuccessful negotiation with the decoration company, Ms. Liu asked the industrial and commercial department for help

"my family is decorating the new house, and the whole decoration project is contracted to a decoration company. Before decoration, I made a verbal agreement with the decoration company to use Nippon. He explained:" in terms of microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF), it has been proved that np572 is considered as the standard material used as class H insulation in the utilization of electrical equipment, which can achieve good results, but no decoration contract has been signed. " Recently, Ms. Liu, who lives in Chengsan community, Zichuan District, told the Consumer Protection Committee of Zichuan District that the walls of her new house had been painted twice and gave off a strong pungent smell, She thinks that the construction company "steals the beam and changes the pillar" ", did not use the agreed Nippon Paint. As consumers did not sign a decoration contract with the decoration company in advance, the lack of relevant evidence and the unknown situation made the consumer rights protection in trouble. After repeated mediation and patient persuasion by the staff of Zichuan District Consumer Protection Committee, the decoration company finally admitted that it did not use the verbally agreed Nippon Paint, and made a financial compensation of 400 yuan to Ms. Liu.

the Department of industry and Commerce reminded the public that the current situation is housing The peak season for decoration. Due to the miscellaneous decoration contents and numerous channels, consumers often fall into the consumption trap of bad businesses. The Consumer Protection Committee of Zichuan District reminds consumers to do "one look, two compare and three check" when carrying out house decoration. Check the operating conditions and decoration examples of the decoration company on the spot, and do not trust the advertising; Several decoration companies shall be selected for comparison, and relevant information shall be understood from the aspects of design, quality and price. Meanwhile, the decoration products shall be compared in many aspects, and the commodities with high quality and low price shall be selected as far as possible; Check the qualifications of the decoration company. After the preliminary selection of the decoration company, you can go to the functional departments and industry associations to inquire about the operation and industry qualifications of the company; Check the specific contents of the contract. When signing the contract, carefully examine each rolling, welding and forming content from beginning to end. The unclear matters in the contract should be confirmed with the merchant and added to the contract to prevent falling into the consumption trap of bad merchants; To check the process of house decoration, consumers should try their best to participate in the decoration, at least do daily supervision, and know the construction progress, construction quality, decoration materials, etc. At the same time, after the completion of house decoration, consumers should retain the decoration contract, drawings, bills and other relevant evidence. Once encountering consumption traps, consumers should actively promote the concept of public welfare and protect their own rights and interests. When dealing with the illegal acts of bad merchants, they should promptly complain to the relevant functional departments or dial 12315

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