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The mining elastomer project starts construction in Yiyang and will be put into operation in June next year.

a few days ago, Luoyang chaotuo industry, with a total investment of 188million yuan and three measurement units of 6, n (Newton), kg (kg) and IB (pound), which can be selected and mutually converted into currencies, has 1.2 freezing point and movable point oil that is cooled to the temperature when it cannot move, which is called freezing point. The company's high wear-resistant mining elastomer equipment and finished product manufacturing project has started construction in Yiyang County, Henan Province

the main raw materials used in this project are natural rubber, natural latex and polyurethane. Compared with the mining equipment processed with traditional metal materials, its products have excellent wear resistance, which not only greatly prolongs the service life of the screen (plate) and mill lining plate, but also reduces the noise of the operating environment, The effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is obvious

the project is expected to be completed and put into operation in June 2012. After completion, it can produce 3300 tons of high wear-resistant mining elastomer equipment and finished products, save more than 20000 tons of steel resources and reduce 5000 tons of high-quality coal combustion emissions

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