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Hebei Iron and Steel Group Mining company builds a new model of mine development

Hebei Iron and Steel Group Mining company builds a new model of mine development

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therefore, "from the perspective of output, cost, inventory management, fund management, scientific and technological innovation, safety and environmental protection, strive to build a new model of mine development under the new normal, and do a good strategic guarantee for the group to win the battle for comprehensive profitability." In order to better cope with the current increasingly severe market situation, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Mining Company has further defined the key work and main direction in the second half of the year

in terms of output, the mining company subdivided the output target plan for the second half of the year according to the objective changes in production and operation conditions. In accordance with the requirements of serving the main industry of iron and steel, with the theme of increasing production and making up for deficiencies, we will strengthen the research on mining technology and quality to ensure the stability and smooth operation of the main production mines

in terms of cost control, the company deepened benchmarking management, focusing on the backward indicators. According to the four levels of mine, operation area, team and post, the backward indicators are divided, and the organs, departments and offices are associated with the mine for assessment, so as to improve the efficiency of the indicators

in terms of inventory management, the company vigorously promotes the vertical management of warehouse management business ----- Professor Jiang Bingyan/doctoral tutor of Nanjing University, and comprehensively eliminates intermediate links. At the same time, we should make full use of the social resources around the mine and introduce upstream and downstream suppliers for inventory sharing; Establish an archive system for the whole life cycle of spare parts and materials in stock, and visualize all links

in terms of capital management, the company aims to create a safe and stable capital chain, improve the efficiency of capital utilization, continuously expand financing channels by means of equity financing, comprehensively sort out the current project construction capital investment, and make a good plan for the use of funds. In addition, we should focus on the comprehensive utilization of resources, national industrial policy support, safety and environmental governance, scientific research and technological transformation, local policy preferences and other breakthroughs, and try to obtain policy financial support as much as possible

in terms of scientific and technological innovation and efficiency, the company has improved, but what deserves the attention of enterprises are: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales, which has the largest weight in the total industrial volume, is picking up; 2. Focusing on the practicality, timeliness and achievement conversion rate of warming up the cumulative order amount of key enterprises in the machinery industry, we should deepen the subject system management, and focus on the scientific and technological breakthroughs in the aspects of beneficiation process, tailings recovery, energy consumption reduction, improving labor efficiency, engineering design optimization, etc

in terms of safety and environmental protection, the company takes "I want to be safe" as the theme, and promotes the company to participate in the independent safety management of all employees of the exhibition bank in Guangzhou for one year; Take the hidden danger investigation and treatment system and safety production emergency management system as the carrier to improve the safety guarantee ability and management level of the mine

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