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Mining plastics has become a new idea for the development of Shanxi plastic industry

Shanxi Province is a coal heavy chemical industry base, and the safety production of coal mines has been mentioned as an important agenda. The development of various multi-functional flame-retardant and antistatic mining pipes, pipe fittings and other mining products that use plastics to replace steel and wood is the focus of the development of Shanxi plastic industry

at present, Shanxi coal and coke group produces 41.6 million tons of raw coal per year. As one of the subsidiaries of Shanxi Coking Coal Group, Taiyuan Xishan Coal and power group alone needed 8185 tons of various steel pipes in 2011, equivalent to a growth of about 1million meters. It can be seen that the market for mining plastics is huge

according to the introduction of Shanxi Plastic Industry Association, the development of mining plastics in Shanxi Province is still in its infancy. The development of raw material production lags behind, and the product technology is limited, which restricts the industrial development. Therefore, the government's policy preference and support are of great significance to the development and growth of enterprises

at present, next, Shanxi Province will introduce high-quality, refined and special-purpose products from the plastic industry, strengthen independent research and development, vigorously develop products that comply with industrial and environmental protection policies, develop new materials and products that are closely related to the national carefully rotating the spotlight group under the stage onto (or below) the economic pillar industry, and transform traditional plastic materials and products with high and new technologies

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