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Background: in June this year, good news came from Tangshan high tech Development Zone: China's first mining emergency detection robot was successfully developed in Tangshan Kaicheng electric control equipment group, and China has become the second country to master this technology after the United States. Mining rescue detection machine a new technology called soil biological crust was used in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The advent of people immediately attracted the attention of the media, production safety management departments and mining enterprises. Zhao Tiechui, director of the State Administration of coal mine safety, asked Kaicheng group to "put into industrial production as soon as possible and contribute to national production safety"

crystallization of high technology

in the conference room of Kaicheng electric control group headquarters, No. 138, Huoju Road, Tangshan high tech Development Zone, I saw a mining rescue detection robot. The robot is about 1 meter long and less than 50 cm high. The lower part of the robot is equipped with crawlers to walk, and the front part is equipped with a camera probe to collect images. It looks very ordinary, but Xu Kaicheng, the chairman of the company, said: "the mining rescue detection robot is the crystallization of high technology."

Xu Kaicheng told that the mining rescue detection robot is composed of three parts: the robot body, communication optical fiber and remote control center. It comprehensively uses high technologies such as machinery, electronics, sensors, intelligent control, network control, life detection and explosion-proof technology with all the switches of the machine in the off state, and has explosion-proof, walking, obstacle climbing, overturning prevention, self positioning, vital sign detection Automatic identification and processing of six kinds of data of environmental parameters in disaster areas. Due to the application of these new technologies and materials, robots can work in toxic and harmful environments, especially in the early stage of the mine accident, the underground situation is unknown, and the rescue personnel cannot go down the well rashly. At this time, robots play a role as local manufacturers and suppliers. The robot can arrive at the scene of the accident at the first time, and can enter the scene of the accident within 1000 meters instead of the rescue personnel. It can work in the disaster area with the dangerous environment of gas explosion, and transmit all kinds of information collected to the main control center in the form of images, sounds and data. The relevant personnel can understand the situation on the scene through the network and television, so as to provide the basis for formulating the rescue and disaster relief plan

what is the significance of mining rescue detection robot? Zhao Tiechui, director of the State Administration of coal mine safety, said during his sincere investigation that in the process of rescue and rescue of coal mine accidents, secondary accidents are very likely to occur due to the complex situation of the accident mine roadway and the accumulation of toxic and harmful gases, resulting in casualties of rescue personnel. If the robot can be applied to the rescue, it will be beneficial to master the first-hand information and data at the scene of the accident, improve the rescue efficiency, and minimize casualties and losses

Xu Kaicheng, who is 60 years old this year, was originally a technical worker of Tangshan mining machinery and electricity department in Kailuan. He resigned and went to the sea more than 20 years ago to establish Kaicheng electric control company, which specializes in the production of coal mine electric control equipment. Because he has worked in coal mines for many years, Xu Kaicheng is well aware of the importance of coal mine safety production. His company produces more than 80 products in eight series, almost all of which are efficient, energy-saving and safe coal mine automation products. Perhaps because of his career and experience, Xu Kaicheng pays special attention to coal mine safety accidents. Whenever he hears the news of coal mine accidents, Xu Kaicheng is extremely heavy hearted and deeply aware of the low level of coal mine accident rescue technology and equipment: "China's high casualty rate in coal mine production and low level of safety equipment is a very important reason. As a private high-tech enterprise, we must make contributions to improving the level of safety equipment in coal production." In 2006, when Xu Kaicheng inspected abroad, he saw a rescue detection robot produced by an American enterprise. Xu Kaicheng's eyes lit up: why don't we develop our own rescue detection robot for coal mines? After returning home, Xu Kaicheng immediately set up a research team to invest money and manpower to start research and development

the research and development of mining emergency detection robot involves many high-tech and new materials, which is almost a new topic for Kaicheng company. The conveyor belt of robot requires high strength, tension and compression resistance, high temperature resistance and flame retardance, and no electric spark. In order to solve this problem, the technicians passed the test after more than 20 consecutive tests. Robot production requires very high machining accuracy, and the domestic machining level is relatively backward. Technicians have to look for ideal processing manufacturers everywhere, which only delays more than 9 months. At the most difficult time of the project, some engineering and technical personnel withdrew, thinking that it was impossible to succeed only by their own strength, and even if they succeeded, there was no market prospect. Xu Kaicheng insisted on sticking to this project: "we don't want it to bring us much economic benefits, but we hope that mining rescue and detection robots can be used in coal mine safety rescue." At the insistence of Xu Kaicheng, the company has invested more than 5 million yuan. The technicians have successively completed the research and development of three generations of robots in more than three years. More than 60 on-site simulation tests have been carried out in coal enterprises in Beijing, Tangshan, Xuzhou and other places. China's first mining emergency detection robot has finally been launched


Xu Kaicheng said that initially, the company plans to rent or provide these robots to mine rescue units free of charge to help rescue units improve rescue efficiency and level, and reduce casualties and property losses. Unexpectedly, this project has brought new development opportunities to the company

at the beginning of June, the news that the mining rescue detection robot was offline immediately attracted the attention of government departments and all sectors of society. Zhao Tiechui, director of the State Administration of coal mine safety, immediately went to Kaicheng company for investigation. Zhao Tiechui spoke highly of the significance of this project. He believed that "the research and development of coal mine emergency detection robot is a life project and a safety development project". When Zhao Tiechui heard that Kaicheng company only had the production capacity of 200 robots at present, he asked Kaicheng company to expand the production capacity on the spot, at least reaching the scale of 2000 robots per year

shortly after director Zhao Tiechui's investigation, the relevant departments announced that China would allocate 400million yuan to purchase mining rescue detection robots in the next few years! Undoubtedly, Kaicheng company will become the biggest winner of this big order

the mining emergency detection robot project has also received great attention from the Tangshan Municipal Party committee and government. The Tangshan Municipal government has set up a special team to supervise this project and support the rapid production of this project. Kaicheng has also increased the speed of new product research and development. The fourth and fifth generation robots have been successfully developed, and the research and development of diving robots and military robots have begun at the same time. The company also plans to launch the robot building project and build a world-class robot production line

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