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It is difficult to save the book industry. The book station will be revolutionized. Last Friday, Puge was invited to participate in the media Salon of JD books department; In addition to summarizing its development in 2013, also revealed some information about the overall book industry and the book purchase market. Puge's feeling is that after changing the life of offline bookstores, book shopping is also slowly declining, and the next step is for book stations to become the object of revolution

bought the life of offline bookstores, but did not complete itself and the industry.

starting with Dangdang, which was founded in 1999, book stations and stores have driven offline bookstores to a desperate situation in the past ten years; In addition to the policy oriented Xinhua Bookstore, the vast majority of physical bookstores were forced to close because they could not bear losses. Physical bookstores have more operating pressure than station stores because of the store costs. It is difficult to compete in price, and the loss of consumers is inevitable. Under the gloomy operation, they can only close down. Physical bookstores have also taken countermeasures, such as providing more comfortable reading space and multi business operations (such as book bars providing catering services), but most of them are helpless and end up unharmed

the first reason why Book station stores beat offline bookstores is undoubtedly price. It is also very important to provide users with more choices efficiently and try to make up for the shortcomings in delivery time. In the United States, Amazon, which started with book shopping, has been one of the largest e-commerce enterprises in the world. In China, Dangdang, which is deeply involved in the book purchase market, was also successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange in December 2010; However, China's book purchasing has not developed as well as the United States

China's book purchase overemphasizes its price advantage over offline physical bookstores. In fact, compared with the United States, China's book market belongs to a low profit industry. Low profit books such as "1% of the instigation value" show that the deviation between the measured value of performance and the practical value is within ± 1%, and the purchase also has to bear the expensive distribution cost (in the United States, the distribution fee is mostly borne by the buyer). Like missionaries, China's major station stores have changed the lives of offline bookstores with a sense of mission, but they have not accumulated wealth. On the contrary, both Dangdang and Amazon China have been in a state of loss for many years. Consumers who have adapted to the low price of books can no longer accept full price books or books that are not preferential enough. Station stores can only put pressure on the upstream, making the whole book industry chain more and more sick

books have become the category sacrificed in the purchase.

book purchase has changed the life of offline physical bookstores, stimulated consumer demand with low prices, and released consumption potential to a certain extent; It can be said that the size of China's entire book market has increased greatly due to purchase. Nevertheless, book purchasing has not developed well because of its positive role, and books have become the category sacrificed in purchasing

the high degree of standardization, low customer unit price and user stickiness of books determine that they are becoming more and more victims in the e-commerce purchase war. Major stations have launched book categories, often at very low prices, in order to attract new users and try to drive the sales of other high customer price categories through low-cost books. The result of this is beneficial to consumers, but it is very disadvantageous to the whole book industry chain

among the major attributes of books, the price is becoming more and more prominent, and the vicious competition in book purchase is intensifying; Stations often transfer the malignant costs caused by low prices to upstream suppliers. The poor book industry is more difficult because of the accounting period, and many talents flow out of the publishing industry. In addition, the low price of books caused false prosperity, and a large number of books were purchased but actually consumed; Moreover, in order to pursue quantity, it is often bad money that drives out good money. A large number of books with gimmicks and no actual content are over packaged, while books with level and dry goods are generally sold, and the vulgarization of the whole book industry is deepened

Book stations and stores will become the next revolutionary object

books will become the sacrificed category, and another consequence is that book stations and stores will become the next revolutionary object. The overall market of China's book industry is not big enough to support the book purchasing giant. In 2013, China's book market was about 30billion, Even with the 20billion yuan of the "four materials market" taught by primary and secondary schools, the overall scale is only 50billion yuan; while the purchase of books is less than 20billion yuan. Compared with 3C household appliances, clothing and other categories, the possibility of nurturing a giant in the field of book purchase is very small. In contrast, Amazon media products in the United States in 2012 (picture books + audio and video) There are 20billion dollars

due to the small scale of the book purchase market and the fact that major e-commerce companies have listed books as standard equipment for price war, stations dominated by books have been robbed of market share, making it more difficult to survive, and seeking other ways out has become a forced choice. However, the customer unit price of book purchase is low, and the consumption level of users is insufficient. When the book station expands to other categories with high customer unit price, it is often powerless; The center line of the current coo yellow upper and lower collets and the sample jaw should be coaxial with the force application axis of the testing machine; The collet should be held reliably. As the teacher said, the engine of the tractor can't pull the car. Due to the imperfect intellectual property system, the user's payment habit has not yet formed, and the digital book sector is far from healthy development in China. Stations with books as the main category are in a dilemma. The typical representative of the library station is Dangdang, which has not developed smoothly in recent years

on a larger level, Chinese people are reading less and less frequently, which is the fundamental reason for the depression of the whole book industry. At present, offline bookstores represented by Xinhua Bookstore continue to grow negatively, and book purchases represented by Dangdang maintain a certain growth, but they cannot make profits. In an embarrassing situation, shopping has been unable to save the declining book market, and the station with books as the main category has reached the edge of revolution

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