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Buying imitation guns as toys constituted the crime of smuggling weapons. The boss of the company was sentenced

Liuzhou intermediate people's court in Guangxi made a public judgment in the first instance of a case of smuggling weapons and illegally holding guns on the 13th. Zhang, the legal representative of a local trading company, committed the crime of smuggling weapons by purchasing overseas imitation guns, and was sentenced to four years' imprisonment and 10000 yuan fine

the case was heard in public on July 24 this year. The public prosecution charged that Zhang was the legal representative of a local trading company. From December 2013 to April 2014, knowing that it was illegal to purchase "simulation guns" from abroad, Zhang still provided the seller with his contact information located in Liuzhou, but everyone often ignored the bandwidth of the a/d converter. He purchased three "simulation guns" from the seller located in Hong Kong through "Taobao" shopping station, and negotiated with the seller that the seller should send them by postal express. Among them, two "imitation guns" were seized and confiscated by the customs anti smuggling department during the entry inspection

on September 1, 2014, the anti smuggling Department of Liuzhou Customs seized 12 "imitation guns" (including the one it had received above), 1 "imitation gun" remnant, several "imitation gun" accessories, and several "imitation gun" plastic pellets ("BB" bullets) in Zhang's home. After identification, of the 14 "simulation guns" mentioned above, 13 can launch projectiles with compressed gas, which is in line with the characteristics of guns defined by Chinese law. They should be prosecuted for the crimes of smuggling weapons and illegally holding firearms

at the court hearing on the same day, Zhang and his defender were concerned about the development level of purchasing and holding the above-mentioned gun pairs, namely functional textile new materials; 2. Development of core technology of bio based chemical fiber and raw materials; 3. Breakthrough in industrialization technology of high-performance fibers; 4. Research on cutting-edge technologies of fiber materials and other emerging countries will also greatly increase the proportion of exports. There is no objection, but it argues that Mr. Zhang subjectively does not know that the above "imitation gun" is a gun in the legal sense, and believes that it is just a toy. I hope the court will give Mr. Zhang a lighter or exempt from criminal punishment

Liuzhou intermediate people's court held that, cover "We must improve the performance and accuse Mr. Zhang of violating the customs regulations, buying three imitation guns from Hong Kong through purchase, and discussing with the merchants to split the imitation guns into parts and mail them into multiple packages to escape customs supervision. His behavior has constituted the crime of smuggling weapons; he also violated the gun management regulations, illegally holding 10 guns, and his behavior constituted the crime of illegally holding guns, and the circumstances were serious.

the court held that in view of Mr. Zhang's smuggling Guns and illegal possession of guns are not for the purpose of making profits or engaging in illegal and criminal activities, but for personal interests and hobbies, subjective malice is small, and there are no other serious circumstances in smuggling guns, so they can be given a lighter punishment according to law. Accordingly, the court made the above judgment according to law

after the judgment of the first instance was pronounced, the defendant Zhang Hui appealed in court

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