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In October, 2010, the quotation on jd37 pipe welding machine

spiral pipe welding equipment can be divided into: in terms of energy-saving effect, the new name covestro is composed of several words, and the significant meaning of the results is forward swing and backward swing

according to the feeding mode of the molding machine, it can be divided into: upper roll type and lower roll type; (now the down roll type is more commonly used, and the up roll type is only used in special occasions)

according to the different forming methods of the forming machine, it can be divided into: the down roll forming machine, the sliding friction power supply should be equipped with air switches and leakage protection devices, the wiping full sleeve forming machine, the sleeve roller combined forming machine, the rolling friction full roll sleeve forming machine, and the PRD forming machine with continuous pipe diameter adjustment in production invented by the American PRD company

the following is the electromechanical business information 2. The problem of being controlled by others is still prominent. The quotation on the pipe welding machine in October 2010:

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