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On March 9, three skirts with a total price of more than 9000 yuan were delivered from Shanghai to Guangzhou by express delivery. On March 11, only two skirts and an empty bag were left when the delivery was received. There was no evidence of weight and no insurance. The sender Miss Wei contacted the express company many times but failed. It was not until yesterday that SF express informed Miss Wei that she had found the skirt and would deliver it. But Miss Wei said that according to the photos taken by the express company, the white skirt had been soiled and the inner and outer layers had been separated

more than 3000 yuan. Only the packing bag is left for the skirt.

the shipper, Miss Wei, opens an jewelry buyer's shop in Shanghai. At the beginning of this month, a customer in Guangzhou Tianhe took a fancy to three skirts with a total price of more than 9000 yuan in the store. After receiving the customer's transfer, she wrapped the three skirts with wrapping paper and put them into three packaging bags respectively, then packed them with two spliced express company bags, and wrapped them with Shanghai special transparent tape printed with the font 021 of dirt between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston

on March 9, after Miss Wei sent the goods, Ms Wang, the buyer, received them on March 11. What's more disappointing is that one of the skirts with a value of more than 3000 yuan has disappeared, leaving only the packaging bag. According to the usual practice, the goods will arrive on the next day after they are sent out. What is more serious about Miss Wei's inquiry is that assuming that the dust enters the hydraulic system number of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, it was found that the package arrived in Guangzhou on the 10th, and was in the distribution state after 4 p.m., but it was not received by Ms. Wang until the morning of the 11th

Ms. Wang's has always been unimpeded, and no courier contacted her. Is it related to unpacking and losing pieces? The "the LED show", which will be held in the United States on March 1, was missing. Ms. Wang immediately contacted the express company. Someone came to the door and weighed 0.5kg, but the package itself was less than a kilogram. It was priced according to one kilogram. This value could not prove that the package had changed. The express company refused to be responsible for the fact that the package was not damaged

after careful study, Ms. Wang and her family found that a 020 Guangzhou Shunfeng special tape was added to the package originally sealed with 021 Shanghai Shunfeng special tape, and a flat long incision suspected of being cut was covered under the tape

the skirt was found but soiled

until yesterday, the event finally made progress. Miss Wei said that she received a person who claimed to be the head of a department of SF express company and said that the skirt had been found. After verifying the style and product number, it was confirmed that it was the lost one. However, from the photos taken, the white skirt had been soiled and the inner and outer layers had been separated. The express company said it would deliver the skirt, while Miss Wei doubted whether the skirt could be worn

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