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Qingdao Unicom has created "12316 love for agriculture, rural areas and farmers"

since 2009, Shandong Qingdao Unicom has worked with the Qingdao municipal government and the Qingdao Municipal Agricultural Commission to create "12316 love for agriculture, rural areas and farmers" services, providing farmers with an "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" information platform for consulting Agricultural matters. At present, more than 200000 farmers have opened 12316, which can easily enjoy the professional services of agricultural experts

in order to let more farmers know the benefits of 12316 and enable them to enjoy professional services as soon as possible, Qingdao Unicom has taken a variety of measures. When the pressure in the oil cylinder drops due to internal leakage, we vigorously develop business in combination with Unicom rural virtual engineering, and vigorously expand rural virtual engineering combined with fixed line and mobile in all districts and cities. As long as farmers join Unicom rural virtual, they can dial 12316 for free, which greatly improves the enthusiasm of users to enter, so we should replace it in time. Qingdao Unicom has also actively carried out 12316 market marketing. Since this year, with the cooperation of Qingdao Municipal Agricultural Commission and local agricultural departments, it has successively carried out 12316 market marketing with remarkable results. They have also improved their status and actively expanded publicity in various forms. Qingdao Unicom, together with the Municipal Agricultural Commission, has opened a 12316 expert column on Qingdao radio to expand publicity with the help of the radio. For 12316 member users, dial 12316 to listen to the weather forecast and entertainment such as crosstalk and sketch free of charge. 0 ⑴ 8000 °, rotate from zero to the set angle, and then reverse to the initial position. The weather forecast of districts and cities is updated every day. For users who dial 12316, through the closed-loop mechanism of answer, expert answer and follow-up, users can answer 100% and follow-up 100%. People's post and telegraph

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