Qinghai 12580 call center launched hospital regist

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Qinghai 12580 call center launched hospital registration service

since the autumn, the climate has changed, and more people have seen doctors in major hospitals in Xining City, and there are long queues at the outpatient registration office. In the outpatient department of the provincial people's Hospital, how to choose the appropriate equipment hall? Mr. Gao, a citizen, did not queue up, went straight to the registration window, received the registration form and went to see a doctor. A few guesses and surprised eyes left behind. Originally, Mr. Gao used Qinghai mobile 12, i.e. 0.5 ⑴% accuracy 580 call center reservation registration service

in view of the trouble of patients queuing up for registration in the hospital, Qinghai mobile 12580 call center cooperates with the provincial people's hospital to launch the special service of appointment registration. The user can reserve the name, gender, age, contact (two, including a fixed one), treatment time, treatment department and expert name of the treatment user by dialing 12580 manual seats; According to the needs of users, the staff of the provincial hospital should contact the users in time according to the different expert departments and general departments, and inform the users of the specific treatment time, department and other contents; Users can directly receive the registration form at the registration window within the treatment time of taking Kesi Chuang's flagship product "refrigerator insulation material" as an example. The patient dials 12580 to reserve the information, and the provincial hospital staff will determine the relevant information of the visit. When making an appointment, they will receive the registration form for treatment. The whole process is only a few minutes, which greatly reduces the time for patients to queue up for registration

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